Hot Right Now: Nosy neighbors kept peering into her yard, so woman took action and created private nook (21 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (38 Photos)

Lead photo via the great Big Pic

  • theother

    I like how #10 also spells DICEY. heehee

  • konaehukai

    #2 Nike 6. Leave a message. Google it. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    Get out of that bowl parrot, you’re not cereal!

  • Joel

    #23 find all of them!!

  • AbeFriendly

    #23 find me the Mets girl

  • odd_places

    #5 lol wut?

  • orlylolol

    #3 MOAR

  • iambigd42

    #18 I can vouch, one of the better gentlemens clubs in the valley.

  • pupser

    #7 Caradhras?

  • isotoast

    Austin, Tx… the only place where seeing a dude like this is considered a normal thing. Oh how I miss the crazy antics of 6th street, and death metal pizza after a night of drinking.

  • Maverick

    #37/38 – Dear Chive, please find her and post more pics!

    • Lauren Gentile

      I've been on here a bit. 🙂

      • Ripper

        woah lauren, didnt recognize you for a second :). hows life?

  • ThereWasShrinkage

    #25 nice, metal music, glad you know what good music is m/ m/

    • xanderx666

      wooohooooo! my first pic posted on the chive! hahaha

  • Flyer

    #25 glad to see there is another LICD and LFG fan out there that gets there Chive on

    • xanderx666

      Thats mine! haha! heres hoping they get the cartooon rolling!!!

  • amy

    #11 would be way hotter without the tan

  • drksdr


    Sense. This picture makes none.

  • The Bandit

    #3 ….these two look great and tasty….and the two beers too!

  • freak

    filipinas represent…


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  • Chiveinator

    #3 #21
    Chiveinator admits Deafeat

  • Chiveinator

    #3 #22
    Chiveinator also needs to chive more attention

  • Chiveinator

    the Doctor will see you now

  • ulvsniper

    translation : Sand is a natural source of beauty
    so keep it clean

  • idunno

    #29 : what else ?

  • xeminae

    #21 Nate ??

  • Kyp

    Can these pleeeeease get a larger resolution???

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