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    • Matty

      Super informative witring; keep it up.

  • Man

    Whats up with the noisy ads? Makes me wanna kill something.

  • Brian

    I HATE your loud farmerama add! It distubes my chinving! plz remove it!

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  • plastilina_ve

    Oh, the 90s…

  • Rob

    Nice. Fist pump @ 1:48 FTW.

  • Yikester

    If I'm not mistaken, the dark-haired guy is now playing Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful daytime drama.

  • Karl

    AHAHHAHAH that was sooo bad.

  • Dick LeGrande

    That was stupid as hell.

  • pen_lemon

    OMG! IF HE COULD KILL A GUY WITH A FRISBEE I COULD KILL A GUY WITH A…. a piece of dough and a clip!!….

  • peter

    Ahhhh, the movie came out in 1987, not the 90s.

  • mith

    Oh My.

  • Stafon

    I supopse that sounds and smells just about right.

  • meep

    well i thought it looked like the beginning of a cheezy porno

  • Frank M

    All I see is the movie camera icon fading in & out… no video. 😦

  • tony

    you are using macs. turn off you cookies filer so that it says ALWAYS. you can change it later.

  • Mike

    just refresh.

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