Runway 34: A recycled airplane that became a world class restaurant (16 Photos)

This airplane hanger turned first class restaurant resides in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Bob

    That's not really what I was expecting. Pretty cool.

  • putnam120

    So do you still get a mile high club membership if you manage to score while you're there?

  • moeshere Foxdale

    Money maker…Money maker…..

  • Barnes

    No Jen I do not, I'm quite disappointed in it

  • northerner

    Great looking setup. Very well thought out and executed. Wish them much success. If only it wasn't so far away. Closer to home, in nearby Colorado Springs, there's The Airplane Restaurant on East Fountain Blvd, near the former Colorado Springs Airport. It's a KC-97 4 engine tanker that was parked on a corner and a restaurant built around it. You can eat in the aircraft or regular seating built around the left wing and engines. The main restaurant has lots of airplane memorabilia and large RC aircraft hanging from the ceiling. Prices are very reasonable and the food excellent. My favorite is their awesome Reuben sandwich. The menu, which guests keep, is in a small tabloid newspaper format and gives the flight history of the aircraft. For airplane buffs, it's a great experience.




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  • Cehrlichman

    This is awesome!! Why doesn't the US have anything like this?

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