Sports timed…for your pleasure (25 Photos)

  • Arjay

    Guess it's true what they say about sports imitating life. Awesome.

  • Brian

    #32 made me laugh for about ten minutes haha


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  • Bob

    #33 Extreme prostate exam.

  • Brock

    #30 Make it rain motha fucka.

  • Billy

    #22 Falcon PUNCH!

  • Obama

    #30 RIP? Yeah, I'm gonna rip ass on the coon's grave.

  • Big Daddy Greg

    You're an idiot. When Clinton left office we had a 3 TRILLION dollar surplus. Only took Bush 2 years and two wars to rob the treasury and enrich his buddies in the military/industrial and leave us with a 3 TRILLION dollar deficit. Wake the fuck up. Where are Bush and Cheney now? Cashing checks from Haliburton? I hope they both get cancer.

    • Rick

      First, the surplus was imaginary money that was going to be spent anyway. Second, the budget had more to do with the republicans in congress than it did Clinton. Finally, what the fuck is this conversation doing out here?

      • gogogosoyuz

        It wasn't the republicans they were busy trying to impeach the man who created the surplus.

    • Marv

      Clinton rocked it when in office, and so did Bush! 9/11 killed our surplus, and now Obama is playing with balls and funding companies belonging to his fundraising pals…conflict of interest.

      Post a pic of the President of the greatest country in the world and you should expect political commentary…tards!

  • Lou101

    #12 blou bulle


      Yea its Bjorn Basson From a Loyal South African Bulls fan , VAT HOM BULLE

  • bigleo

    Hamburg, Germany
    Our streets are water!


    #32 and 33 THE BEST ONES.

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  • bkfrijoles

    #24 another reason i like hockey so much drunk Canadians girls

  • Notknowing

    #24 Canucks vs Sharks last years play-offs. She's flashing a SJ player. There is another angle out there!

  • Literally

    #1 Doug. Beast.

  • chivexpress

    #33 Is a classic

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