Sports timed…for your pleasure (25 Photos)

  • bling306

    #3 look at that cameltoe! gotta love girls volleyball

    • ilovethechive

      Looks more like a Moose Knuckle to me

    • OhSomeEvil

      More like a Shark Fin

    • Biggus Diccus

      those shorts they wear makes the court an oasis of cameltoe

    • Thanks 19

      This one is truly timed for my pleasure.

    • Volley <3

      Yup ^^ Volleyball, sexiest sport ever!

    • EFF

      HD would be nice

    • Dane Wolfgang

      and that's the same position she was in that night…..

  • Henrik

    #31 You know how I know you're gay?

    • greasdupdeafguy

      dat ass

    • DEA

      cuz he actually thought the bulls had a chance?

  • jKrack

    #33 No thanks.

    • Biggus Diccus

      Fisting the opponent was his GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!

    • @Z_Triple_T

      surprise prostate exam!

    • Rob

      The only one that made me LOL.

  • Luis Alvarado

    mutha fuckin first

    • lico125

      Is that you lalo?

    • 4SOC20saint


    • Paula_

      Funny, appearently you're too short to reach the keyboard in time.

      – a good bit taller

    • Tea party

      You silly little mexican….you fail, now get back to taco bending

      • Frankyfive

        You silly Tea Bagger go eat your sandwich, xenophobe.

    • George F

      first to go to jail maybe

    • goobu

      with no raider games and increased security at dodger stadium, this is gonna happen a lot.

      • Frankyfive

        What do you mean, people typing messages on an internet message board? You're a sad person. Internet tough guy.

        • Franky5fingershismom

          internet "funny" guy. This isnt a mojado macho contest where six guys end up fighting one guy like the mojados do. I don't blame ya though, you people are tiny.

    • Jaredallas

      This is always the funniest to me. You suck at sucking.

    • another mexican

      Damn man, all the time it took you to figure out how to spell what you wanted to say pushed you down the list. Quit making us look bad.

      Oh, and man up, you don't have to love the Raiders just because you're a Mexican. We are all free to like whatever we want _ and if someone teases you for liking another team, you don't have to shoot him, just come back with a witty response. But just to save face today, you can call me a potato to be cool in front of your gang.

      • Frankyfive

        It's funny, how even "another mexican" has to jump on the racist bandwagon. Tio Thomas.

        • Everyone here

          shut up idiot…go protect your homies in the raider chat

        • Jackson

          Hey dummy, Uncle Tom is a black thing.

    • Luis Alvarado

      the reason i wasnt first was cause i actually was looking at the thread .you racist bastards, and im pretty sure i have a higher education then most of you mcdonald employees.

      • TheBoris_

        How do you get so much computer time in prison?

        • Luis Alvarado

          lol i give credit to every1 else for being original, but your just jumping on the bandwagon.

          • sacks

            much credit for takin shit like a good dude.

            • Cisco

              Naw, I think Luis is Frankyfive

      • TheBoris_

        Taco Bell cooks are such elitists

      • for luis alvarado

        Wow, you completed third grade too!!! You are truly special. Go buy some lifts.

      • Spellchekr

        What level of education? The correct grammar you should have used above is "than most of you mcdonald employees" not "then." You sir are an idiot.

        • Luis Alvarado

          good job surfing the internet searching for incorrect grammar rather "than" flipping quater pounders, your AA is was well worth it.

          • You're

            ummm what's a "quater"

          • Spellchekr

            "Quater pounder"? Oh..a quarter pounder. "Your AA is was"??? Sorry, third grade fail. Don't pass go, head directly to jail. Derp.

  • bling306

    #25 ahhh im so drunk, im seeing 2 baskets, lemme try to close one eye!

  • okok

    not first

  • jesse

    #31 you know how i know…well…you know…

  • greasdupdeafguy

    why does anyone do this?

    • A Dude

      Same reason we have the Special Olympics. Retards get bored too.

      • Get a life F5'ers

        It because those losers sit there all day long hitting the f5 key over and over again trying to be first. It is a lack of what the rest of us would call 'a life'.

        • f'5er has no life

          funny roundeye…funny.

  • SwanDiver

    By the looks of it, #33 didn't have to be timed


      lol! Tevez would have to get his watch back first!! But look at the feckers face he's tryin his best..

  • A Dude

    Insert penis here. #3

    • A Dude

      And here… #18

    • A Dude

      But definitely not here! #31

  • Maynard B.

    #13- With broken plexiglas, you know that was a hard check.

    • antiskubforlife

      #13 A Russian being "Czeched"… see what I did there?!
      If #24 was really "timed for our pleasure", you'd show us what appeared on TV…
      #30 Rest in peace Tractor Traylor

      • Massoom

        and rest in peace Karel Rachunek

  • BMW

    #3 Extremely hot.

    • SeaBassEX

      Extremely young

      • Wilson

        The commenter or the girls? Because the girls could very well be college volley ball players.

  • puck

    I respectfully disagree that #24 was timed perfectly.

    • assface

      Here's the moving picture 🙂

      • SkyVader

        WARNING: Contains booby goodness

      • @StrongAsMeat

        Someone should Gif that shit.

    • clam

      She got fired the next day BTW, she was sitting in company seats hahaha

      • ChiverMeTimbers

        I would have given her a Raise!!!

        • TinFoilHatSoldier

          I would at least have complimented her on her rack.

          Jokes aside. How stupid do you have to be to do that when you are in company seats?

          • You're

            pretty damn drunk I'd say…

            I still say give her job back…She raised hockey's profile to at least a DD level. I'd take that over hockey fights any day…

    • n_kb


  • BrownNote420

    #4… Special Olympics?

    • Link


    • Graphix

      Popeye! Just ad pipe and anchor tattoo

    • Yay

      Whole lotta Herpa-Derp!

  • Ken


    Hold it right THERE. Yup, that's perfect.

  • Chris Jenson

    #30 RIP Tractor

    • cheezebits

      That picture is incredibly bad ass. Snow storm of glass, no big deal.

  • Jimmy

    #30 RIP

  • Kodos

    #3 #18
    Is it wrong that I hurt my neck getting a different perspective on these??
    <coulda hurt somethin' else>

    • Chris Arabian

      No, it wasn't wrong. I did have to explain to my boss why I was standing on my head in my office though. Made for an awkward conversation …

  • The Bandit

    ….get off your high horse!

    • Mark


    • ambercr20

      "**Look at mah horse- mah horse is amazin…**" #2

      • BloodScrubber

        Sudden urge to watch the movie Blazing Saddles….hmmm

    • Smokey

      How do you know the horse is high?

  • @MrChAndy

    #3 Dat ass

  • Worst Pres Ever


    Meanwhile in America…
    The midwest is in ruins, the economy is tanking and unemployment is still over 8%.

    • BaJezzus

      Take your politics back to Fox News arsehole. This is neither the time nor the place.

      • msnbs

        You are so racist and anti-american you war monger!

        • 6655321

          Nothing racial was said. You're an idiot.

    • davisrj

      Oh my god I get so tired of hearing you assholes bitching about the same shit over and over! He is still a fucking human being, if he didn't have moments where he can relax for a bit, imagine what kind of shit we would be in then.

      • Angry Kid

        He's a human being, yes, but he's also the President. By definition, he is not intended to lead a "normal" life…. If you don't like people questioning the way things are, don't participate. Let the intelligent people do the work, we don't mind.

        • b-ry

          well said.

      • Chris

        There's also the fact that he WAS working for your country when that photo was taken. He's been visiting your European allies (including us in the UK) and photo opportunities like this have been set up to show what good pals we are. "Oh look… They're playing ping pong together. Oh, they're on the same team? They must be close. That means that the US and UK are close also! We should blindly support eachother regardless of how it will effect our own countries!! Also, those leaders are good at doing diplomacy and that. Let's elect them again!"

    • G.W. Bush


      • 123

        bait much, troll?

        • Booya

          You people are perfectly demonstrating my point. If Bush did this, he would be crucified, but since it's Obama and all the media and celebrities kiss his ass, he gets a pass.

          By the way, that war he got us into in Libya has surpassed the 60 days the Constitution allows a president to use the military without congressional approval. Where are all the anti-war people shouting about "Obama's Illegal War!". *crickets* The same silent, anti-war people who all of a sudden find Gitmo and the Patriot Act ok.

          • 123

            What point? Everything isn't politically motivated. Sometimes its just a picture of the President making a funny face. I've seen plenty of other presidents caught in similarly funny poses. I don't look at those pictures and think "what a terrible president" because I don't eat, shit, breathe politics all the time. Politics have a time and a place (in my life they're reserved for about 15 minutes of one day in November). Neither of those are here on theChive.

            • Jen

              it was a joke, ya assholes.

          • @redeclipse6049

            Well, as someone viewing this whole thing from the Left, All I hear is complaining. Not just from you, but from every republican. Maybe you can't see the forest for the trees, but I don't think he's gotten a "pass" on anything. The comments on this photo of him are proof of that.
            If bush was pictured playing some game with other foreign leaders, I cant image he'd be "crucified" for it by anyone other than hardcore wackjob leftists. I'm pretty damn liberal and I wouldn't give a shiiiit

          • Shippo

            Maybe I'm mistaken but I thought a President had 90 days..unless they changed it….

  • TheBoris

    #3 #18 Love the non standard gap shots

    • kater

      no gap there. just wide open & spread crotch. learn your stances.

    • goobu

      NOT A GAP you retard. its a crotch shot…..damn kids

    • TheBoris

      Im an idiot

  • Snookums

    #22 Fist Bump. You are doing it wrong

    • Blake

      I'd love to see a full video of what happened here, anyone know where to find one?

    • PDad

      #17 #33 Fist Bump. You are doing it wrong **FTFY**

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    RIP #30

  • thundereff

    #14 Kid copping a feel on rondo. DAT ASS

    • Link

      lol i said the same damn thing…dat ass!

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