Sports timed…for your pleasure (25 Photos)

  • OhSomeEvil

    Bitch! Snaps NECK – that ball is MINE.
    LOL!!!!!!! BEST PHOTO

  • equalizermax

    #2 Caption This

  • Federico Schulzen

    #33 dale carlitosss

  • EZP

    stop hating, he's first he's first period

    • Smartass Comment

      What is this 'period' you speak of? Perhaps you could use one or two in your collection of words.

  • toastymoe

    #32 – HILARIOUS!!!

  • mel

    go canucks go!!! Bring home the cup!

  • chivette

    #29 At least his shadow has a shot at catching it….

  • Jeff Sayatovic Jr.

    #11 LeBron, you will NEVER be.

  • TCUchiver

    more bubble girl memes!

  • bkfrijoles

    #3 Volleyball #24 Hockey my 2 favorite sports

  • Chihuahua

    #1, #23
    GO CANUCKS!!!!

  • Chihuahua

    * #24

  • bush > obama

    and he took shit for it constantly…obama gets a pass? no sir

  • Guest


    Kelly Kapoor is not impressed.

  • GAP Police

    You need to back away from the keyboard… every other ass clown on here knows that the GAP appears when a woman's legs are togethre but there is space in between the upper thighs. These photos, whether on the ground or not, are the opposite of GAP pictures. I'm getting tired of imparting such knowledge on the masses…

  • J.O

    #32 was awesome! Hahahahahaha

  • WakkaWakka

    Digging the hockey-love today.

  • Fredrick VonBone

    Don't forget he also gives himself a thumbs up constantly. and I'm sure it sucks hard to be that guy..he just doesn't realize it yet.

    Oh, and it's "thus making it", not 'this' you retard Boris. When trying to sound intelligent, it usually helps if you are.

    • TheBoris

      Look at previous and most current "gap" posts. There are plenty of photos with ladies not standing with legs spread, like the ones pointed out in this post. So if I am wrong, so is Leo.… – Fuck you all.

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    After the Iraq war started he quit golfing…wasn't good for pr…Odoofus does nothing but golf…and go on vacations….and and and

    • @redeclipse6049


  • Colin

    Could not stop laughing at #32

  • Jfrost

    #32 made me laugh so hard

  • sharringan

    # 3 looks really hot

  • dpitty

    #24 yes we are vancouver… yes we are taking the fucking cup… yes, we have tits. oh god do we ever have tits.

  • konaehukai

    #3. Like to try that position sometime.

  • northerner

    #3, #18, Yes I agree, love those open-leg bum-shots! Keep'em coming! And a little tighter shot in HD!

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