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There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (76 Photos)

It's been a good week for our Chivettes. We had a huge response for our Chivettes of the Week. This photo was made quite a splash. Thanks again to Lauren, Willow, and Erin. We're currently looking to fill out the remaining Chivettes for our first Chivette Calendar. So get those submissions in, Chivettes.

To put it mildly, our Chivettes have become a global phenomenon. The Chivettes offer us something we need so badly these days, real beauty. But the 'Sexy Chivers Among Us' is NOTHING without our Chivettes! So if you've got what it takes to be a Sexy Chiver, start submitting your photos for next week as soon as possible.

 First-time Chivettes are always welcome too!

AWESOME INSTRUCTIONS: Grab your camera (phone) and write 'Hi Chivers' on a sign or some part of your body (be as creative as you like). Then use our handy-dandy upload page to send pics to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com and collect internet fame. Above all: Be Creative! Do it for your country!

Stay tuned for the Friday DAR! We're going to be posting some of the best photos below in HQ today in the DAR.

Chive On and happy Memorial Day!


  • rossy

    #3 just a little lower

  • Eric

    The sheer number of sexy woman in these posts just staggers me! Keep on Chiving!

  • dont worry about it

    #38 I don't mean to brag but I took this. 🙂

  • bisketz

    #6 is UH-mazing.

  • Drew

    #76 what I would do…….. oh, what I would do……

  • Drew Hammerstad

    God bless America. Im sure you know which one Im talkin about.

  • matt

    #27 moar please!

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    Well whatever you do BE SAFE….

    • Allenavw

      Thanks so much! I'm not actually near the fire, so that's a good thing. Plus my company just gave me a bunch of promotional stuff, lol love the freebies. Also, on a side note, I am planning on submitting this week still. I brought my camera and a bunch of “outfits”.

      • Sharky

        Hopefully one of those outfits is Canucks-themed

        • Allenavw

          I brought all my Canucks gear!!

          • ChiverMeTimbers

            Sooo scarf and a sharpie? Lol

            • Allenavw

              Not quite yet. I found out that the woman training me is leaving tomorrow, so that should be when the shit storm hits lol. As I will then be all by my lonesome. Ooh, sharpie good call! I guess I should “borrow” one from the office before I leave tonight. And not just a scarf, oh no my friend I haveofficial NHL Canucks panties!

              • ChiverMeTimbers

                HA HA HA HA Official NHL Canucks Panties? Nothing spells sexy like a Giant Whale on your vagina!!! J/K :p

                • Allenavw

                  LOL, they are way better than that! That would be horrendous. Just you wait and see.

  • Allenavw

    Haha, no, I work for an insurance company. So I'm out here working on claims and they decided to load us up with promo items. Hmm, well I brought high socks and things with ruffles and strappy bits. That's all the hints you get though!!

    • ChiverMeTimbers

      AHHH Insurance…So you going to go around saying.."Sorry your house burned down…Heres a pen"? LOL J/K

      Socks…strappy bits…Im liking what I am hearing…looking forward to it!!!

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    "Identifiable"? So, all your agents wear thigh high socks and strappy panties? SIGN ME UP for a site visit. LOL. Go on your trip and I will do my best to promote you so you will get chosen on Friday. I have absolutely NO clout, but a man can try.

    • Allenavw

      Yes, our company works on the theory that sex appeal gets 'er done. Lol, you wish insurance was actually like that! Thanks so much fortrying to promote me:) I will try to make them extra good.

      • ChiverMeTimbers

        God I American Insurance Companies thought like that. We are lucky to get fat old men in suspenders or the sleazy weasel types.

        Now I could sit here and talk to you all day, but you need to get going. I dont want you to be late. Have a good safe trip! Hopefully "See" you on Friday.

        • Allenavw

          Oh trust me, we have plenty of the umm, “old men” types. Thanks for making sure I'm on time, but I'm already at the office! I haven't been told that much of what I need to do yet, so all I do have to do so far is talk to you. Although I have the eerie feeling that this is the calm before the storm and that shit is about to go crazy lol.

          • ChiverMeTimbers

            Well thats nice…But I have to go to lunch…Hopefully you will still be here when I get back…If not..good night….and good luck.

            • Allenavw

              Yeah, I thought you might have to go. It's only 11:00 am here, but I wish I was going to lunch already.

              • ChiverMeTimbers

                Back…Has the storm hit yet?

  • killinem313

    #76 Just went from 6 o'clock to 12 in .5 sec. WOW!!!!!

  • bmoneey

    #76 please find #76

  • Tyler William Beard Allen

    #24 is fucking hot!

  • Bud Lee

    #3 I'm going to need to know where you are tailgating at this season. 🙂

    • tigers <3

      somewhere off Nicholson probably. hahahaajaha

  • randomness

    #21 Definately worthy, very gorgeous

  • Mr. Woland

    i love you #4

  • Joey Manila

    #12 I will chive you anytime , #76 you made my day

  • jbpop

    #76 Awesome

  • Adam Z.

    Jesus #18. I just got a Vietnam-style flashback from calc 2.

  • Lalan

    God I American Insurance Companies thought like that. We are lucky to get fat old men in sdusenpers or the sleazy weasel types. Now I could sit here and talk to you all day, but you need to get going. I dont want you to be late. Have a good safe trip! Hopefully “See” you on Friday.

  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, WTF is up with Lalan ^????

  • cherone

    #66 i will chive with you

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