Cat Saturday: HQ Edition (36 Photos)

  • disturbed

    Yes! #3 Caturday rocks!

    • ThatGuy

      Ehem, that's "cat satuday". I can't stress that enough. For copyright reasons of course.

    • SmokeyTheBear

      Diet Sunkist? The Fuck?

  • Cristi_P

    #19 – BWAHAHAHA

    • effemel

      They said I could be anything, so I became a poptart and farted rainbows across the universe

      • Ray Cole


  • the dude

    #23 WTF!!!!!!

  • chiver132

    i hate cat saturdays…and whatever happened to the MILF post on the weekends?!?

    • justin

      they were gross

    • lineasaved

      95% of whats on Chive lately is mostly-naked young ladies. Maybe they want to continue to attract a few straight women, for ad revenue purposes? Hmmmm?

      • frog saturday

        go to the berry….

    • Mclovin

      Cat Saturday – worst theme post on the Chive.

  • Mmm_Ciao

    #21 Surprise headbutt.

    • usoagain

      this one made me laugh the most

  • disturbed

    #16 These are not the droids you are looking for.



    • Aytchie

      Come on bro. We all want it to be Caturday, but show some respect.

    • Whatever

      Yeah, because we're all unorginal like that

    • Wake UP

      I think there may be only one dumb arse here & it's not The Chive. If you don't realise by now it not going to be called caturday. Why should it with comments like urs. For all those out the that don't like this post then DON"T OPEN IT!!!!! That would make sense eh.

      • Anon

        Lol, 3 moar examples of why this websites boards are full of crying faggots..

  • Jessica Condrey

    #25 Hey thats my cat Butters 😀

  • orlylolol

    #18 Nice tits

    • Who knows

      Definitely!! 🙂

    • absolutcarcrazy

      This pic made it worth the fact that I clicked on cat saturday.

    • TOt


    • JOUJ

      What cat? lol

    • n1ghtstalker

      Ok but explain this to me… If she is holding the cat… is the cat taking the picture?

  • Shelly

    Caturday..why do you still call it cat Saturday?

  • Hmmm..

    Doesnt it make sence to call it caturday instead of ' cat Saturday '?

    • Aytchie

      Doesn't it make sense for you to use proper spelling and punctuation?

      • Mac the Intern

        none of this makes any cents

        • CATURDAY

          Can't tell if troll or just stupid..

      • Anon

        Trolling is A art..

    • jen

      we call it caturday

  • mylismo

    Can't get enough of these posts as I always have huge smile on me at the end…I just love cats, they're so cute and awesome.

  • Bartomellee


  • Olsen

    Lol @ CATURDAY..why u mad? Ohhh he called it cat Saturday….

  • Justin Hall

    #16 Gozer the Gozerai … Many shubbs and zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Sloar that day I can tell you.

    • trvrly

      Are you the gatekeeper?

      • bigdeal

        are you the keymaster?

  • Tony


    "Doublz! I getz to roll again!!"

  • Mr.Wilson

    #22 Well. That's a bizarre wig, dude.

  • Surf and Snow

    Enough with the effing cats already!!!! Milf Sunday disappears, but Cat Saturday just wont die? Why Whhhhhy?!?

    • EhFckitDude

      Theres more in this world then just Boobs Mr. Shallow. This IS the internet you know, go google milfs and fab it jeeze

      • Surf and Snow

        There is more to the internet than just cats. Im over the whole cat I Can Haz Cheezberger crap. How bout some squirrel posts, or fish, or bears. Enough cats. If being tired of cats makes me shallow, than call me a friggen puddle because I'm over them.

        • Lotus

          There are millions of these cat pictures so cat posts are quick and easy, same with the girls in the middle of nowhere (over half of them are just at the beach).

          Just be glad you get something on the weekend, even if it does suck.

  • Paula_

    Fire the intern! Cats in HQ??? Is Mac fucking crazy!?
    Torch the cats and give us more 'gross dude' posts, at least those are original. The net is swarming with those furry fucking cats already!

    – the one you love to hate

    • orlylolol

      fuck you

    • TicTac

      Ohhh shut up you boring bitch! Arrrg u are an annoying specimen of something!

    • amrith777

      *pouts* But I love Caturday…..

    • b.o.l

      Love You Paula_

  • bennyboy

    fuck cats

    • shellfish

      the real question is… why does an obvious cat-hater click a post that is called "CAT saturday"??

  • The Bandit


    ….like a boss! …and like that Dachshund pic that was posted here a couple of days ago!

  • Aytchie

    #18 I see what you did there!

  • Dan

    #1 That cat is saying "Ha! Ha! You're an asshole!"

  • Paula_

    All right, JUST FOR THIS ONCE! If you like cats you're totally going to love this (no, NOT a troll link):

    – and that's the LAST nice thing I'll ever say about cats!

    • Adam Purcell

      Adorable, kept surfing that site and found this one. Epic stair climbing fail by another cat…

    • amrith777

      AWWWW!! Thank you *squees*
      I knew ya had it in ya *wink*

    • mick

      Wait … Paula is dutch? I'm ashamed on behalf of all dutch people

      • Paula_

        Ga neuken jezelf 🙂
        Maar inderdaad.


  • disturbed

    #1 Take a caturday any day but MILF day wouldn't hurt either,. I think it would be a hit if you guys could ever fit it in on a weekly basis. My wife is smokin' and I'd love to get her on here one way or another.

    • Kelly

      What's she smokin'?

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