Hot Right Now: Madison is a fiery redheaded cosplayer (20 Photos)
  • Justplainjason

    Good troop may you have all the bones you deserve, all the scratches you can handle, and a nice warm place to sleep every night.

  • Eddie

    Okay that right there is fucking awesome.

  • Eddie


    He knows he's a badass.

  • Kodos

    Well done, MWD Chyba…

  • Retired Chief

    Thank you for your service, Chyba and welcome to the retired military life!! Come on in, the water's fine…

  • Richard C.

    Chyba sadly has left us after a brief battle with cancer. She will be remembered as the hero she was.

  • Anna

    Don’t blame the current guys for the balls up the pivreous shitmongers made. This plane is 4.4 billion over budget and made specifically made for sub hunting! Who the hell are we going to go to war with that has subs these days.? We can get 25 boeing awacs from the states for a quarter of the price of this thing and it’s not even safe to fly!

  • i miss my ex boyfriend

    i miss my ex boyfriend

    theBRIGADE: Photos of retired military dog Chyba : theBRIGADE

  • strategi for valutahandel

    strategi for valutahandel

    theBRIGADE: Photos of retired military dog Chyba : theBRIGADE

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