Mind the gap Monday (30 photos)

Attn Chivers: If you have any sexy ‘gap’ pics, please send them to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com or use our handy submit page and be sure to put “mind the gap” in the subject line. Do not waste your time sending any NSFW photos as they cannot be posted -ie your girlfriend bent over wearing a g-string with half her brown eye showing.

  • slutifer

    #2 oh god… so close

  • Aydork

    #20: Ok c'mere!!

    • kater

      half of these are not GAPS but CROTCHES. learn your vocab. don't call sth what it isn't or you're no better than marketoids calling a youghurt an innovation or politicians calling a soldier a serviceman. youghurt is a yoghurt, a soldier is a soldier (a paid killer) and a crotch is a crotch, NOT a gap

      • Chickendippahz

        submit some pictures then or GTFO

        • kater

          not my job to submit pix. ppl submit pix, chive selects them (or downright steals from other pages) and then names them inappropriately. end of story.
          gap is gap, crotch shot is not gap. learn your facts douche.

          • Chickendippahz

            so you're gonna GTFO then?

            • Sampson

              you might be one of the dumbest fan boys on here. You would know what a gap was if you have ever been near a pussy…sadly, you're too busy trying to be chivalrous to the chive and spending all day being a fan boy to get a piece.

              • Darth Neegro

                He's like a lot of the fanboys, afraid to giveTheChive some good constructive criticism to help make it even better. Just blind faith and stupidity.

                • Chickendippahz

                  Err no, I just don't think you guys appreciate what your given. Complaining because some of the pictures don't fit the title is a little picky. If you think you can do better go start your own website.

                  • SevenD

                    Err, no, I think letteing the chive know whats wrong is the correct thing to do. Would you feel cool wearing a shit that said "My mom is a whore" if you didn't know what a whore was….or should your friends just let you walk around looking stupid. You sir, are an IDIOT just like Sampson said. And a bad friend to the chive as well. But you will learn these things when you get older, like maybe 12 or so.

                  • Darth Neegro

                    You are either one dumb fan boy or your a Mom pretending to tell your kids what to do because they don't listen. Go away Chickdip…

                    • Chickendippahz

                      Look. I'm okay with giving positive criticism but only where it is deserved. To say these images are not showing 'the gap' is ludicrious. Calling someone a dumb fan boy just because they stand up for something really shows just how immature you are.

                    • Darth Neegro

                      Once again, another guy who has no Idea what the gap is. That is some funny shit right there.

                      "To say these images are not showing 'the gap' is ludicrious." hahahahahahahha. I can't wait till he actually finds outy what the gap is. Priceless.

                    • Fredrick VonBone

                      Holy shit! Did that guy just type that? OMFG !

                      That is worth quoting twice..
                      "To say these images are not showing 'the gap' is ludicrious."
                      It's fuckin hilarious to see someone who doesn't know what the gap is be so demanding in actually thinking he does. That was great. Someone is gonna feel like a bonehead douchebag when he finds out the truth.

                      I sent the link to some friends so they can see this kids statement. Damn that was funny.

                    • TupacLives

                      dat some good shite there. We laughin at dis joker too.

                      Prolly just a lil kid, should let him slide for not knowin what the gap is yo. But yeah, it funny.

                    • TheBoris II

                      I think you guys are lookin at this all wrong. I think chive has pulled the biggest troll of all times by making thousands and thousands of dudes think a gap is something its not. Chickendippahz is just a victim of the worlds greatest troll, not his fault.

                      mind the gap=best troll ever. Paula, you're great and all, the best here by far, but the chive has outclassed you on this one.

                    • Gap Truth

                      A lot of these pictures are not 'the Gap'.

                    • imi-kater

                      These losers ^ in the FLBP post: "Hey these girls don't really have back problems, what gives Chive. I clicked on the link that said 'girls with back problems' and all I got was some chicks w/ big racks. Come on Chive Yougart does not equal Yogart"

                      Just look at the pretty girls and STFU!

                    • get back to WOW

                      Actually imi, you're quite wrong. FLBP is a term that implies that big titties are present, unlike "the gap" which has a specific meaning, and had it long before the chive started using it incorrectly. Not only is your argument unsound, but it's irrational as well. If you open a box of cherrios and found corn flakes would you say it was the same thing?

                      Just look at the comments and STFU

      • LaLakers2408


    • Fredrick VonBone

      and not a single gap was given that day

    • Lotus

      I've never understood the chive's fascination of girls with skinny chicken legs.

  • Chickendippahz

    I needed a pick me up after Man Utd's loss on Saturday. This sure helped ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Paula_

      WTF are you talking about, tennis? baseball?

      – the one you love to hate

      • KitShopGuy

        Soccer you Useless troll….why don't you go play on a busy highway….some of your comments i have liked but lately it is like you were walking and got smacked in the face with a retard stick!

    • ERIC

      i feel the same bro, Glory Glory Man United – the true winner

    • Beth

      That was so sad!! I'm a huge Manchester united fan! At least they won the premier league though..

    • lfsg

      Chivers and Man United fans…you guys are the best!

  • The Bandit

    #1 #22 …very hot
    #2…the panties almost do not cover everything….if you look closely ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Paula_

      2560 pix wide version of #2: http://j.mp/fTtVEr
      You're welcome.

      – the one you love to hate

      • https://www.facebook.com/people/Michel-Payette/776740181 Michel Payette

        I love you Paula…

      • Paula_

        622 clicks so far (in 18 hours), I'm seriously ROFLOL'ing.

        – a troll

    • Ezee

      Not quite lip slip, but I salute you sir, and your keen eye.


      I do believe #2 is technically labia majora slip.

      • MacNCheesePro

        Yes, and it made me have a boner slip.

    • chad

      check it!
      #18! look familiar!

    • sandybuddy

      Hats off to you dear

  • Will

    # 7 wow, those are the tightest pants, i think I've ever seen.
    Good stuff!

    • ranD

      its also stolen from a website called "girlsinyogapants". great idea for a page, but the people running it are HORRIBLE!!! and it has the worst followers ever…

    • TheBoris II

      I thought it was a naked black chick. damn

  • tobi

    Hey, you should make a german site!
    Same pics, in english, but without those nasty #22 ish thingies ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Joax

      that is emma glover!

    • Chiveinator

      SAUBER! NUR DER BVB! Echte Liebe!____

      those nasty#22 ish thingies are called emma glover?

      • ERIC

        glückwunsch meister – grüße aus berlin ๐Ÿ™‚

        • davi311b

          i may be wrong but i believe he means the censor bar

          • TheBoris

            I thought he meant that dirty jew

            • cuntskin

              emma gloverstein?

          • Blake

            I think he means the bar too. At least I hope so because with the exception of the censor bar, that is an amazing picture.

    • rmasss
      • de ja vu

        you forgot to mention NSFW

        • rmasss

          how are any of these safe for work

  • Rion

    #2 is crazy hot. You should have ended with her, I found myself rushing through the rest so I could get back to her.

    • Michael Dufour

      #2 is the hottest MTG i've seen so far โค

    • Paula_

      You guys DO realize that it's all in the camera angle, right? Hell even your girlfriend would look hot this way!

      – the one you love to hate

      • fdaa

        Yup we do realize it, and every guy looking at this picture wants to be in it (not the picture…in her) keep her face down, a$$ up and we'll be happy

  • Bryan

    #3 WOW

    • truthteller


      • Not WOW

        I agree, and I'll take the thumbs down for it. I don't like fat chicks, but this is equally gross to me.

    • Andrew

      Alessandra Ambrosio

  • tommybhoy

    #19 Wow!

    • truthteller

      Ms.Anorexia 2

      • Conor

        Truthteller, are you fat?


      is that Cerie (aka Katie Bowden)?

  • Anonymous

    Chive, It’s really difficult not to mind any of these.

  • harry

    makes revision easier! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bud Ugly

    #2 is awesome.

    • truthteller

      Now THAT is a real chic. Yum.

    • guest


  • walkingtheriver

    #2 Almost…

    • de ja vu

      another almost…. #17

  • Kcruz09

    Chive, It's really difficult not to mind any of these, oh and anybody else waiting for black bar on #22 to go away?

  • V.A.

    #21; Mmmmmm. Mhm. Yeah.

    • Clark

      MOAR!!! And name???

      • ander

        Masha Novoselova

  • http://myllymae.tumblr.com/ mylismo

    Mind if I do.

    • Kerry

      I would Love to ! Do you see those lil camel humps ! !

  • chaz

    head towards the light


    • ilovethechive

      Did anyone else see that the pants look ripped and her poon is exposed or was it just wishful thinking?

  • Chiveroni

    #2 FIND HER NOW.

  • KyleRetrato

    #1 Oh my god… The architecture is amazing!

    • Paula_

      Yeah and the chick is so skinny she barely blocks the view!

      – the dark side of The Chive

      • xXbeermonkeyXx

        jealous much?
        cheers, beers

    • truthteller

      Ms.Anorexia 3 ,disgusting.

    • xXbeermonkeyXx

      if the architecture is what catches your attention, i have bad news for you

    • http://www.facebook.com/NelsonCosta1983 Nelson Costa

      Irina Shayk

  • Chiveroni

    Also, #7 is why God created yoga pants.

    • Beldar

      She has pants on? Way to ruin my fantasy.

      • ranD

        fantasizing about strange alien woman with grey skin?

        • Dagoth Wit

          It didn't even dawn on me that her skin was grey. I just thought it was a trick of the lighting.

          • TheBoris II

            I also thought it was an ashy naked black chick

  • -KhmerStory-

    Who is #19?

  • Wakka wakka

    #2 :O

  • poptyping
    • poptyping
      • drksdr

        good god….

      • absolutcarcrazy


      • https://www.facebook.com/people/Michel-Payette/776740181 Michel Payette

        Oh god!! Thank you so much!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Fredrick VonBone

        Good lookin out, gold star for you today my good sir.

        all hail poptyping

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christophe-Goris/764560650 Christophe Goris

    gotta love MTG
    and indeed who is #19

    • Kyle

      I'm 99% sure it is Katrina Bowden. (She's on 30 Rock)

    • Dazza

      Looks like one of the McGregor sisters from South Africa. Kerry or Tracy. Tracy went topless in hustler this month. Been waiting for this for years.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tristan.wagner2 riverjns1234567

    #2 and #20 I could spend all day

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