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20 things a Bad Teacher would advise doing this summer

Summer is here and that means two things: Bird doggin chicks and summer blockbusters. So take that lucky lady/blow-up doll, to Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal, and Justin Timberlake hitting theaters June 24th.

Check out the uncensored trailer here:

  • its_forge

    I fucking hate blatant marketing.

  • Jesus

    Did I just read a whole fucking ad filled with old fucking pictures? Fuck you Chive. I'm done. Peace.


    the movie looks shitty, the post was week and boring, and the movie promotion is cheap and desperate.
    just sayin.

  • fantarama

    I mean the post was weak, pretty weak indeed

  • Kool Aid

    OOOOhhhhh Noooooooooo

    Rough weak for the chizive…….

    Time to search for my new time sink?

    • Kool Aid

      I meant rough week.

  • @dalton_matt

    Words cannot describe how much I can't stand Cameron Diaz. Just…no.

  • Matt

    #7 Seriously, WTF Arnold? What were you thinking?

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