20 things a Bad Teacher would advise doing this summer

Summer is here and that means two things: Bird doggin chicks and summer blockbusters. So take that lucky lady/blow-up doll, to Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz, Jason Segal, and Justin Timberlake hitting theaters June 24th.

Check out the uncensored trailer here:

  • joe


    • Paula_

      Congratulations! You ARE first!
      Please celebrate by taking a long walk on a short pier.

      – the one you love to hate

      • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

        that was funny

    • patron 214

      FIRST Reply FTW!!!

  • Edzone

    This is proof that the Chive is the least funny website in the history of the universe.

    • Edzone

      Stop pretending to be me Westley, you fucking wankshaft.

      • Edzone

        I'm Spartacus!

        • Edzone

          Go fuck yourself Edzone

          • Edzone

            i would love to :*

          • Tardzone

            I take it back, that comment right there was fucking hilarious. Also "Tardzone"! How awesome and original! It's like someone has taken "Ed" from my name and replaced it with the word "Tard"! Which is short for "Retard". How intuitive and imaginative!!! God bless you lonely fuckers!!! Please don't thumb down this comment, it's too painful.

            Love Edzone, the one you love to imitate.

      • absolutcarcrazy

        Thumbs up to which ever personality used "wankshaft".

    • Whatever

      This proves that Edzone is only capable of lying.

    • patov40

      This proves that Edzone just reached the "Tardzone"!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Claudio-Andre-da-Silva/1435884678 Claudio Andre da Silva

      this proofs that Edzone is a troll

  • Bri

    I can't wait to see this movie!!! Good post Chive

    • Stevo

      lol plant

    • http://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      I can't wait to download this movie!!!

  • smitty

    not to be a dick but number 2 is not a tank its a LAV 3

    • Edzone

      Not to be a dick but you're pathetic thinking people will be impressed at your knowledge of this. colloquially speaking, it's a fucking tank you faggot.

      • TitoRigatoni

        I don't speak colloquial, but in any other language tanks have tracks not tires. Nobody I know would call that a tank, and the people I know are hardly military enthusiasts.

    • smitty hater


    • Edzone

      Not to be a dick, but number 8 is not faeces tan, it's regular spray tan.
      It's fun to be a boring dick, but I think I'll stick to being a hilariously stupid and annoying dick who doesn't think he's better than everyone else for slight knowledge on an uninteresting matter.

      • Regions

        Yayyy dicks.

        That's what you guys are arguing over right?

        • Stevo

          well, it's what most arguments are about.

      • patov40

        Carries it in to the Tardzone again. Career day looming for Edzone!

    • Surf and Snow

      No to be a dick, but number 2 is actually when you take a shit.

    • puke

      Im in the military Idiots and Smitty is right Its not a fucking tankl

  • Ripple

    #6 the shirt puts this over the top

    • xxx

      chive, why you no have "arnold is numero uno" t-shirts?

  • yomama

    the chive is run by communists. nuf said

    • Caoitalist

      Actually the Chive is run by capitalists, that's why they advertise

    • PoppinFresh

      communists would not need ads on their websites to raise cash. but then again communists would probably not allow this site to exist either.

  • E.V.L.

    Yep, that's one I think I need to go see!

  • JDub

    you're a dick… what, armor and a 25mm autocannon on a turret isn't good enough for you? guess it need tracks to be called a tank?

    • TitoRigatoni

      Yes. If it doesn't have tracks it's not a tank.

    • YupYupYup

      That would be correct.

  • Edzone

    I'd sooner Google "hardcore porn" thank you very much.

  • Diana Santos

    #12 humm…nice ideia ^_^

    • Diana Santos

      sh*t..i wrote that in portuguese :$


      • Regions

        Isn't that Calc?? Dunno how you put that in another language but more power to you if you figure it out!

        • Foley

          Awesome work failing to understand Diana's first comment.

        • Diana Santos

          i´m portuguese…that fact explains everything lol

          • one

            acho que sao muito poucos os que falam portugues ca…..but really it would be a pain in the ass to read it during the test

    • https://www.facebook.com/jpstrauss Juann Strauss

      Hmm, here's a better one: study.

  • hughEE

    i love to do sex!

  • Nate

    Best movie of the summer right here.

  • EdWood

    My goodness.
    Trolls are out early this morning.
    Going to be a good day for Ogres.

    • switch_24

      LOL.. im actually wondering if they are real, or are they just two people with different accounts..

  • not

    drowned adults?

  • Jonathan

    #15 *drown

  • DudeSweet

    Little boy on the left. You know how I know you're.. welll, probably just embarrassed actually. I wouldn't have looked either at that age, and I'm married now.

    To a dude.

    No, just joking, it's to a female, but you get my point.. Just because you don't look now, doesn't mean you're gay. Some people on this site might say you are later, like I nearly just did, but you just ignore them. They're just being funny, it's that kind of place – you can't take it to heart kid. But still, you should probably look… It'll be a while before you get another chance. Trust me.

    • Surf and Snow

      Thats probably his mom. Would you look if it was your mom?

      • Mymomishot


      • Vagina Jones

        Oh, I wouldn't just look…

  • Billy

    Learn English fuck face.

  • Regions

    Did I just get tricked into readin an ad… sort of?? Wtf?

    • Foley

      Yeah I was wondering that myself.

    • ROK247

      i wonder how much a post on the chive costs these days? the boys are doin' alright i bet.

  • Sharky

    Cameron Diaz pics twice in the last 24 hours? Bad form Chive

    • superpooper

      WTF? she's hot. Good form Chive!

    • JPC

      And they just posted another nasty picture of that fugly, talent-less skank in the Burn Your Bra post. This site is quickly becoming a sad, joke, shell of its former self.

  • bclark

    Is that Morrissey?

    • xxx

      conan does street art?

  • patron 214

    SELL OUTS!!! WTF Chive?!?

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      dude they sold out a long time ago. remember all those freaking dead space ads?

    • superpooper

      Then go to any of the hundred or so other websites that the Chive steals from.

    • riverdog

      children, children relax. the world didn't just come to an end.

  • coredlord

    This is how Break.com lost its whole audience, by trying to make ads into posts

    • Zach

      I was thinking the same thing. It used to be a daily site for me until they put a mandatory Kawasaki ad at the beginning of every video. Baaabye.

  • patov40

    Actually, the proper wording would be, "for adults to do 'the' sex." Thank you for playing spamsturbator.

  • patov40

    Yep, Chive selling out……every seat in every city they play….or something like that.;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      somebody has seen the "Behind the Music: Metallica"

  • walkingtheriver

    Hidden advertisements ftl

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