A severe case of same-pose syndrome (16 Photos)

  • Justin D.

    Pose fail.

  • Smashasaurusrex

    She’s keeping her brain from leaking out the hole I can only assume is under her hand

  • Wheelgunr

    RElated somehow to Nearly Headless Nick?

  • tbone

    trying to make the best of the situation

  • Tim

    I guess she is waiting for that modeling job that will never come.

  • Biggie

    Due to the overwhelming amount of air in her head, if she lets go it’ll float away.

  • Lia

    Maybe she’s got a huge growth on her head? Or maybe a bald spot?

  • Maybe she shouldn't have put her hand in her hair when it was covered in superglue! Has she never seen Police Academy 2!


  • sirforsyth

    It seems she has a rare birth defect that caused her left hand to grow stuck to her head.

  • Chango

    ahhh, make it stop!!

  • Vaganosis

    her hair is blond,so she is just trying to hold her head on, or her neck is recked from all the blow jobs since she looks kinda slutty.

  • junior

    agreed, at least no duck face…

  • Dapper_Dave

    Maybe she thinks it's a good look for her….maybe someone should set her straight.

  • brian

    Now you know exactly what a couple of grand at the barbizon school of modeling will get you.

  • GreyGhost9

    "Girl has Nail Gun Accident, Hand Permanently Affixed to Head" its a touching story.

  • brad

    with an elbow like that why would you not want to show it off

  • Boobjob!


  • https://www.facebook.com/jon.honegger Jon Honegger

    She must love her deodorant!

  • Jef

    this would make a superb ad for superglue indeed 😀

  • Irish2Ice

    She's so used to having her ankles behind her head, this is a change of pace!

  • Rebel_Soul

    #12 maybe she likes the smell of her armpit

  • BobSugar

    Superglue + Hand + Hair

    The only explanation.

  • rzxc

    Look out, she stepped it up a notch and busted out the double elbow!

  • floscar

    That is one fugly biatch!

  • Poseidon

    Super glue? Waiting for it to wear off, to free her hand from her hair.

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