A severe case of same-pose syndrome (16 Photos)

  • SoMyNameGoesHere?

    she just wants to let everyone know that she shaved her armpits

  • MuhammadTheCabi


  • Ken

    Semen in the hair – clearly a sticky situation.

  • Jeff

    haha this is awesome!! It's be sick if this were a weekly installment, but i doubt there are that many that we could submitt. I know a lot of same face girls, but same pose? thats great!

  • Bob

    Looks daft in them all too

  • its_forge

    I told her not to use that damn sticky hair gel.

  • john

    she kind of looks like my ex girlfriend. bitch.

  • rachel j

    #12 yeah, that smell IS your armpit

  • Chris

    She must like the smell of her own armpit…

  • Nikita Christopher Mordov

    This girl looks so Russian.

  • Midwest chiver

    looks like a female version of my neighbor

  • loso


    she's so dumb…..

    how dumb is she?

    she's so dumb and void of thought that she has to hold her head on or it will blow away from lack of mass

  • Travis

    Its her own personal blue steal

  • D-Wiz

    i think she's trying to teach us how to… dougie?

  • Opp

    not cute enough, chive bad call….girl does not deserve own post cmon

  • http://twitter.com/The_Scofield_ @The_Scofield_

    Someone has watched waaaaay too much America's Next Top Model…

  • WirelessCable

    da comrade, I think she is Russian, I saw her on 2leep.com a few days ago… but she'd def be a boring model to us professional photographers.

  • Boscoe

    Clearly she was born with a birth defect – ingrown hand syndrome. Not cool making fun of her you heartless thugs.

  • snowboardstud911

    Also, fortunately for you, sir Triple T, you're not this chick. lol

  • Chris

    Do you think anyone has told her she would look better smiling?

  • Anonymous

    fairly sure i met her in queenstown, NZ. But i could be wrong…

  • uhg0

    What you don't know is that she was born with her hand stuck on her head

  • gankman

    What!!!! You guys couldn't see "La Tigra" or "Magnum"!!!! No fasion sense!!!! K I'm messing with you guys! #15 was even her "Blue Steel" LOL

  • Jim

    What a twat.

    She's not even that hot.

  • jim

    It's actually coz I came in her hair…

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