Burn your bra: Celebrity Edition (35 photos)

  • John

    I'm surprised with you Chive… Considering not one of these celebrities is Lady Gaga. Not like anything would be worth seeing…


    Though… I've always had a crush on this girl since I was younger… But seeing those dinner plates… and their "Just a little too high" position…. I'm kinda ruined on childhood dreams. :-

  • greasdupdeafguy

    #29 thank you, internet

  • Jason

    #32 Who is that?

    • michaeler

      annalynne mccord

  • Winnie the pooh

    am i the only one who finds megan fox unitractive?
    and yes im a dude

    • Chicago_Animal

      …..a gay dude.

    • a str8 dude

      No you are not. She lost her hotness after the first transformers!

  • Ken

    Clamps! Clamps to the set please! Stunt nipples, take your marks! Ready, and lights, camera, action!

  • MuhammadTheCabi

    MAMMA MIA! Somebodys gonna lose an eye!

  • M.C.

    The first picture is X factor's Cheryl Tweedy not Kate Beckinsale

  • Nip Tuck

    Alyssa Milano #23 makes MY nipples hard !!
    Y U No identify celebs Chive??

  • The Boris II

    those look like gorilla titties. who did she pay off for the sexiest woman title

  • P-Dizz

    #15, Pamela Anderson DERP!!

  • Fechin

    “Are you cold?”
    “no, why?”

  • zTom

    Niiice! : )

    #1 is Cheryl Cole NOT Kate Beckinsale btw.

    Who's number #12?

  • Nicolas Côté

    #1 is not Kate Beckinsale, it's Cheryl Cole (Tweedy)…

  • Bob


  • Jbone

    Why so many Megan Fox….Clubbed thumbs=GTFO!

  • hollywood

    i agree some looked shopped

  • MrCreole

    Who is this #35

    She is very attractive

    • michaeler

      vanessa minnillo

  • 123456

    Doink! Doink! Turkeys done!

  • Nanook

    #11 Old School. Damn she was HOT! Rest in peace sweetheart.

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  • idunno

    Who are #4 #12 #16 #18 #20 ?

  • Tom

    who is #19


    #1 Correction! Cheryl Cole. Stunning british Geordie. Not her best photo…doesnt do her tits justice.

  • Dex

    Kudos to the men in #23
    None of them are looking down her shirt, as I would obviously be…


    to right!! I fucking hate that stupid slag. I wudnt touch her with yours!!

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