Extreme ironing is EXTREME (12 Photos)

  • Brrrrr


  • Da_Boz

    Where in the hell did this come from?

    • bubblerider86

      haha….those exact words were on the tip of my tongue!

    • Steve Grenier

      sh sh sh, it'll be easier if you just let it happen.

    • Frank

      It's a lot like having sex with Kobe Bryant, you can fight it all you want, but it's pretty much going to happen.

  • Gord

    taking it to a new……. whatever

  • CarTuned

    Domesticated Iron Men?!

  • Surf and Snow

    How have I not heard of this yet?

    • unknown

      You just did

  • thom

    How come its only guys doing the ironing? Don't they know who is supposed to be doing that?

    • Gooner29

      You failed on so many levels. Congrats.

  • Surf and Snow

    Challenge Accepted!

  • ROK247

    see now this is so much cooler than that planking bullshit

  • Dave

    That's something I didn't think I would see today…

  • Capitalsfan74

    Ironing irony.

  • Alex

    ……. Nevermind, I just made a quick google search

  • Ben

    #9 GOD why is this even a thing…

    • http://www.facebook.com/codealpha Terry Burke

      i think that's how the guy from 127 hours got stuck

    • dibbs

      127 Hours. The house chores special edition

  • cheezebits

    Where does it plug in?

    • Brad

      the radiant glow from the radical extremeness of the stunt heat up the iron…

  • MigraineBoy

    Why are men doing it?

  • RatedR401

    These people are great! I think they should do it again but replace ironing with eating a can of beans.

    • Henrik

      It would probably be hard to do it under water: #6

  • Honey Bone

    A new level of awesome.

  • Anon

    #9 guy looks at first glance he has a massive tricep

  • Jason

    #6 is clearly doing it wrong, the iron isn't even plugged in.

  • Vagina Jones

    the Chive should encourage chivers to submit their extreme ironing photos. funny stuff.

  • Evelyn

    all of these comments are lame.

  • brian

    Wow. Extreme ironing. Who'd have thunk it……….but the chive!

  • SeaBassEX


  • Lia

    So this is how you get men to iron? Yeesh! Wish somebody told me sooner…

    • Diana Santos

      i was thinking the same lol no problem for me… at least they help ^_^

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    I see what you did there

  • Jen

    where is the gallery of extreme hot chicks making samiches? AMIRIGHT?

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