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Found: Jimena Sanchez (24 Photos)

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We've featured the photo above and below in our famous 'Find Her' gallery. Her name is Jimena Sanchez, and I'm pretty sure she's gorgeous. There's only one problem...

  • David Roberts

    GTFO its a duck face in every pic i am so disappointed in the Chive to let this crime go on… …… Wait I just saw #24… but still saddened

  • cpt

    Holy duckface batman. Fan of the worst teams to top it off.. Still a 10.

  • Opp

    MOAR pls give her a photoshoot!

  • Todd S.

    Even knowing shes got that stupid duck face going on.I would still knock the bottom off that.I would stretch that duck face no problem at all.

  • AtoZ

    God, I thought the problem is that she used to be a DUDE, didn't see duck face as a problems, i'll f*ck her anyway…

  • DuncanIdaho33

    Guess I'm not the only one who feels this way – the constant duckface took her from attractive to repellent. Physically at least, she's probably a nice person.

  • WirelessCable

    When you think about it duckface can be seen as kees kees kees (**read in russian or italian accent**) so knowing that, she like to kees kees kees all day😉

  • DylanChaos

    this girl is hot as hell, duckface or not.

  • Anonymous

    too much duck face!

  • Dazza

    What I'd give to disappoint her.

  • Tyler

    # 22 Is the reason we let her get away with the Duck face!

  • spencur

    duck face to the max

  • do it

    with an ass like #22 all can be forgiven…

  • tohi2kar

    why does she ruin her self doing that with her lips

  • aaaa

    Too much ducknessness…

  • OneEndedStick

    #23 That smmile is amazing!!!

  • tigerballz

    i'll let it slide for her

  • el_rusius

    Rockin' body, but she's all like a f**k**g "duck face"-queen!

  • andriu

    Hey chivers! here you can find some little videos of Jimena saying good morning (in spanish) to her twitter followers:

  • fapster

    Couldn't fap. too much duckface

  • elchilo

    On her defense, most of these are from her twitter account, from her good morning/good night kisses to the fnas

  • Khaqan Javaid

    Duckface or no duckface. This girl is HOT!! Yup! No doubt about that! Gorgeous!

  • mutz

    This woman thinks she's way hotter then she is.Looks like a moron with same dumb face in almost every picture.

  • S13nobling

    Three thumbs up…!!:p

  • Jay Hernandez

    What duckface?? I was looking below her chin.

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