• Sarah

    OMG – Somthing I sent to the Chive made it! – I missed 'Caturday' by a few hours but when I saw this I thought this was just too darn cute to let some of you haters not have a chance of redemption

    (Granted with cuteness of this level I doubt I was the only one to submit as it was posted on a national newpaper website! lol) – but even so – I'm still chuffed… for cat lovers everywhere…

    Adorable 😀

  • Party Pooper

    Cats have a tendency to stretch then cross their paws over their face all the time.
    This kitten just happen to be lying on it's mother's arm when she went for the cross paw, making it look like she is hugging its baby. This video is cute, but clearly coincidental

  • wookie

    I just grew a vagina

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