Signs chock-full of “WTF” (40 Photos)

These signs brought to you via our own Chivers. Way to go.

If you find any bizarre signs, amusing newspaper headings, inappropriate restaurant names etc, please send them to me at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com.

Chive On.

  • The Bandit

    #1….shopped or painted over
    #13 Demi Moore was here…
    #29 WIN WIN WIN!

    • Abcdety

      Isn't rape a crop? For rapeseed.

      /Joke killer

      • The Bandit

        ….you're right…wasn't familiar with that…I thought it's shopped because I was sure I spotted a slight color difference….well…I guess it's too early for my brain…

    • Disco Stu

      It's not shopped, it's in good ol' Saskatchewan.

    • Logan

      The sign is real and great. Rape is the oldtimers name for canola.

    • Petey

      Only in Saskatchewan, I come from a town called Nipawin 30 minutes north of Tisdale. Laught everytime i see the sign.

      • tmag11

        i grew up in melfort, they finally took that sign down

    • Jeremy

      Crop in @ Tisdale yet?

    • Flatlander

      #1 is not shopped or painted. The sign is Tisdale Saskatchewan. "Rape" is a name of a oilseed better known as canola._

      • Shire

        I am also from Saskatchewan and know it's real but I find it funny/ironic that there is a CrimeStoppers sign also hanging off it. Haha

  • HectorGum

    #10 Great offer. Where did you say is this from?

    • Paula_


      – I give group discounts too!

    • spy><e

      saw this downtown new york 3 years ago

    • Shane

      China Town, New York City

  • Surf and Snow

    #3 I dont get it. What am I missing?

    • Bill

      Go on the internet for soup

    • Paula_

      A sense of humor.

      – the one you love to hate

  • Joel

    #17 I pity the fool who don't keep his receipts!

    • PKK

      Man how did I miss this one to send in! This is in my hometown of Douglasville, Georegia. That business has been around for many years….

  • ThatGuy


    Fuck the police

    • gromtown

      of course its a fucking cubs fan…dumbass

      • Jeff Sayatovic Jr.

        Fuck the Cubs*

  • derp

    #12 Sounds legit.

    • CanadianChiver

      This is in Cobalt, northern Ontario, Canada. It's a real sign.

  • tommybhoy

    #40 Well played, sir

  • Scott

    Don’t find the Asian and letter lights burned out things to be funny anymore. It’s been way over done, and flat out boring . It’s like fart jokes , year funny sometimes but after a while just gets bland and lame like your Older uncle and his dumb jokes. Don’t act like you don’t know

  • Jobiwan

    I don’t get #3 either..

  • PokePoke

    #30 , thats one weird korean sign… doenst make sence

    • Paula_

      Sence? Congeratulations!

      – the one you love to hate

      • Abcdety

        Ohoho I get it. Paula intentionally misspelled a word to mock PokePoke! Ohoho!

      • Paula_

        no starting capital? Congeratulations!
        'thats'? Congeratulations!
        'korean' without capital? Congeratulations!
        'doenst' (also misspelled)? Congeratulations!
        no period? Congeratulations!

        That's a shitload of errors for such a small sentence.

        – the one you love to hate

  • Abcdety

    Rape does go good with honey.

    • DeuceBrew

      Maybe they're big Ministry fans?

  • DyingHappy

    made the chive, #7 ! proudest moment of my life. for even weirder context, it was above a urinal in a london train station.

  • DudeSweet

    #24 – We have these all over the place, just means the traffic lights aren't always on, as they lead up to a roundabout & they only use them at peak times (the lights, not the roundabouts – they are always in use).

    Go me, way to suck the fun out of that one.. sorry.

    • Sweetdude

      It must be an English thing, i was laughing my way down the page until that one. Then i was overcome with the urge to race down to the comments to explain what it meant. Im going to call it Truth Trolling.

      • BBB

        Yep, me too. I can't understand what's funny about it myself.

    • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

      We've got them in Kansas too. From about 1100p on, the light defaults to yellow and stays that way until 400a.

  • Mystery

    #37 Booya! My first ever submission to thechive to ever get posted! Chive on!!

    • Abcdety


  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #18 some people should be fired from city planning
    #32 we sure do, buddy, we sure do

  • cjwhookid

    #1 I'm here to rape and eat honey…and I'm all out of rape

  • Safety Salamander

    #11 – I don't know what is wrong with this one. I guess some people are not learned enough to know what a vomitory is.

    • Whiskey Pete

      Per a passageway in an ancient Roman amphitheatre that connects an outside entrance to a tier of seats

  • Mike

    #5 Pho King Noodle is in Brampton ON, Canada….shake my head every time I drive by.

    • Foley

      It's less amusing if you know how to pronounce 'Pho' properly.

      • Fuh-King Noodle

        This used to be my fav Pho spot. Sadly it's no longer there…

        FYI, the correct pronunciation is "F-UH" (not "FOE" or "POO", like some think), so I'd say most people likely don't get how amusing this actually is 😉

    • Jim

      there is a place near me called Fook Yuen. can't help wonder whats in the wonton soup

    • DeuceBrew

      There was a place around here called Dong Wei BBQ. Their house sauce was called "Dong Sauce", they are no longer in business. Shocking.

  • Coddy

    #23 the Cock inn pub is right by where i live, classic

    • gaz

      there is one near me called the cock hotel

  • Busanexpat

    #30 – Spend enough time in Korea, and eventually not only does this become normal – but you occasionally find yourself thinking and writing this way as well (especially after a few bottles of soju)

  • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    It's just the angle cutting of the leading S.

    • Another dumbass

      You're FUCKING kidding me. I couldn't figure that out all by my self.

  • Israelmc

    #27 as soon as they cross the border they have been trained

  • Guse

    #1 LOL! That sign says "rape!" LOL!

    Seriously, for better or worse it's called rapeseed. Can we stop chuckling like idiots about it now?

    • arrowflight

      Uh… no. as long as it can be perceived as something else and touted on a sign, it will be funny.

    • McBeastie

      Chuckling like idiots is what we do here.

    • Jonny5

      Congrats on your first Buzz Killington award!

  • John

    #24 What a great contribution from Britain. These signs are all over the place, I see lots on motorway slip roads etc and they sure as hell aint funny.

  • arrowflight

    #26 looks strange but exists in the event of snow that covers the hydrant.

    • V4Vendetta14

      Yeah, finding the hydrant under 3 feet of snow, without a house as a reference, is a bitch. Plus those suckers freeze…

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