Signs chock-full of “WTF” (40 Photos)

These signs brought to you via our own Chivers. Way to go.

If you find any bizarre signs, amusing newspaper headings, inappropriate restaurant names etc, please send them to me at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com.

Chive On.

  • Kodos

    Quoting The Duke is never a bad thing.

  • jim yan

    New way 4 adults to do sex go to

  • TELS

    the COCK INN is in liverpool by anfield and was originally called the THE COCKWELL iNN

  • Beldar

    #39 only a Cubs fan ignores the inevitable sign.

  • Joe Amazo

    # 18 is n Sequim, Washington. Apparently Kitchen Dick road is named after the names of the people that owned the farms that bordered the road. Which means that Famer Dick is now forever immortalized. Funny side not, Kitchen Dick also intersects with Hooker RD.

  • “Welcome to Tisdale: Land of Rape and Honey” | Just Stuff I Found

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  • Hellequin_Bull

    #40, Way to cover the bases!

  • smitty hater

    #32 They spelled "likes" incorrectly.

  • krypto092108

    Photo #1 is just outside of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada… I've driven past it on the way to Lac La Ronge to go fishing or SCUBA diving… It's a great little town… The Honey from the Bee Keepers there is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

    • andrew

      thanks bud! now we know you've been there, and la ronge too, wow!

      • Kenny

        How was the rape?

  • Biggie

    I’m from Saskatchewan where Tisdale is located and believe me when I say, that sign is a running joke and has been for years and will be for years to come. We also towns called Siemens and Climax.

  • Brad G.

    Rape is a crop, Tisdale is a farming community in Saskatchewan. That is their real welcome sign.

  • Jack Mehoff

    #38 make all kind of sense to me, that is a deer fucking sigh….who didn't know that?

  • tim

    #9 so who's chivin at trinity bellwoods?

    • drinkinguy

      big up to the t-dot.

  • elboberino

    #34 is Pete's Cabaret in Star Valley, AZ. Drove by it plenty of times, never had time to stop though. It's an extremely small town and not really known for having any good looking women. Will definitely have to stop in one of these days though.

  • nwest

    HAHA #18 is in Port Angeles, WA… I was just there over the weekend.

    • nwest

      corrction, Sequim

  • Fuckincanuk

    #1 my dad grew up in Tisdale. He and his buddy’s got arrested when they painted “your” over the word “and”.

  • Jake

    #11 Is in Candlestick Park. The way the 49ers have been playing lately, I imagine the vomitoriums have been getting a lot of use

  • Bazinga

    #32 Not only is it funny, there is also an extra apostrophe.

  • @Wally_MS

    #1 YES Thanks for the First Post Chive! Gotta love Saskatchewan.

  • teh_shard


    Do you know how much I would love a good pho joint nearby? And the king of pho would be even better.

  • hipsterbgone

    signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

  • Mark McConnell

    #1 – I've been to Tisdale Saskatewan ,Canada and Rape is short for Rapeseed which is basically Canola. They grow a lot of it there, certain times of the year its just fields of bright yellow.

  • Pinkberryholdup


    "I'm sorry we'll have to confiscate your tank, you'll get it back after departure."

  • Kendra Fifi

    #4 #6 lol

  • Evan

    Wow these were awful. The other groups of pictures are funny, but this….well, it's awful.

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