• Picard_

    They cloned Sungha Jung!

    • equalizermax

      It took years of child abuse to get them in-sync…

  • aaron

    Asians….They're better than us

    • greg

      they are not better, the asian parents just don't hesitate to whip their kids ass with a cane if they don't behave and do whatever activities have been choosen for them…
      "practice guitar 10 hours today, and smile, or no dinner and cane for you"

    • kent

      At some things, including abusing and oppressing children into playing guitars like monkeys in front of crowds.

      Pretty sure if any of those kids didn't want to play guitar, they'd be beaten until they did. It's not that impressive. That stringent kind of culture is why Asians may have some strenghts but they lack majorly in innovation.

      There will never, ever be a homegrown Chinese version of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Norman Borlaug etc… because they're not free enough in China to unleash the creative potential that they could have. All they do is mimic, steal, and make lots of drones that toil away.

      • Henry Brown

        These kids are north korean, they play a north korean song. Dont get it mixed up.

      • Rob

        someone has a fear of losing his job to a more talented and educated person I'm guessing of the oriental race? And they are north Korean everyone is required to learn a minimum of one instrument of dance form to them it's an honour and pleasure

  • Chris

    WoW, first

    • Picard_

      Learn to Learn!

      • ROK247

        make it so!

  • Kaars

    From this angle its hard to see the whip marks and emotional scars.

    • wasd

      couldn't agree more they all look petrified

    • greasdupdeafguy

      +1 internets for you

    • tankus

      I couldn't agree, I was myself petrified at seeing this. They looked like robots!

    • jim

      Thats North Korea for you. Those kids would be subjected to 8hrs + practise a day at the expense of all other education. this is really a form of child abuse. Scary!

    • Crazy Dog

      Dude you're reading my mind.

  • BobbaFett

    That is adorable.
    And pretty freakin awesome!

  • EDd

    wow, creepy

  • aaron

    I don't understand why they make these poor kids face directly towards the sun…

    • Terryc

      i see what you did

  • scrito

    they're like robots

  • Jimm Pratley

    They look so cute/Inhuman.
    Bet this is subliminal advertising for chocolate or some shit.

    • Mading

      Nope it's NOT it's from a Korean show which i forgot the name of

      • ranD

        calm down there sparky

      • Jvee Veneracion

        It's actually from a NORTH Korean Show. A talent show propaganda to 'show' that North Koreans are superior to everyone else.

  • FLooogggeedolphin

    dont be fooled, the are obviously dwarfs in there mid-40's, they just have nice skin…asians

  • DaddyD

    China's Got Talent

    • mingsungkim

      it's korea

  • Paula_

    Mine can create an arm-length booger!

    – making even longer boogers

    • true statement

      No one would pro create with you Paula

    • paulah8er

      -133p not something to be proud of, find a new place to troll?

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      I just snorted out my beer!! Thank you!

  • steve

    stop the bobble-heading…i cant stop laughing

  • yoav^^^

    scary robot kids!

    i won't ever do that to my child!

  • cas

    the one in the middle is obviously the ring-leader!
    Sure beats lettin' them play with blocks in pre-school…

  • E.V.L.

    I don't know .. something 'unnatural' about all this … anyone know what I mean? Sure, they're talented, obviously, but the plastic smiles and head nods and playing instruments twice their size, kinda reminds me of puppets.

    • jim bob

      Kinda reminds me of the last time I visited a religious institution….Zing.

  • The0s

    ARGH! Kill them now before they multiply again!

  • anon

    North Korea is Best Korea

  • jaydubery

    They interview the children afterwards, they're asked "so what do you guys like to do when you aren't rehearsing the guitar. "
    Their response……… Silence*

  • Scott Hansen

    Forced Communist Talent..

  • BishopJuice

    all skill, no soul

  • Edgar Gaspar

    Ahh I wish I was that awesome..

    • Nargon

      you mean i wish this to be awesome not painful? or?

  • KyleRetrato

    Are they breeding these children?

    • thechevron

      that generally is how children get here.

  • Swanny

    How is it that the Asians can take something cute and filled with talent and make it creepy…


    Asians will stop at nothing..

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