• Kyle

    Dubstep + Childhood TV Show theme tune? I think so.

  • Trio haciendo Dubstep

    […] Trio haciendo Dubstep…  por roybatty hace 2 segundos […]

  • -[| o___O | ]-

    Some cool music posts. Thanks guys. I enjoy music. If you're bored here is some more music if you're interested.

    and if you're not too hot on the dubz but like good electronica beats:

  • tag

    I'm not a fan of dub step, but those were some great moves!

  • Anonymous

    the first 37 seconds was pointless

  • Danielle Hoff

    Well I think it's pretty neat!

  • Benjamin Cannon

    Im sorry but

    Yes please

  • Todd A Lehman

    That was sick…

  • WLT


  • 007 BOND

    New way 4 adults to do sex go to

  • shwigooze

    last guy to dance was CRAZYY!!

  • Anonymous

    The dancers are members of “Rem0teKontrol” .. aka Chibi, iGlide and nonstop. See their channel

  • eamcet*[SEO対策調査自動更新ブログ] | 装着すると体が勝手に動き出す奇怪なヘッドフォン / 凄まじい動きをするブレイクダンス動画

    […] 参照元:the CHIVE(英語) […]

  • Andrea

    Since when did doing the robot and the walking man, or what you people call "shuffling" become cool?

  • Will

    The 1st 2 guys are from REMOTE KONTROL. Awesome vid loved it!!!!

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