tWINs (23 Photos)

  • Chivetteluver

    Chive!!! Just when I thought you couldn't do any better you go out and BLOW IT THE HELL UP…. TWINS!!!!!

    • Chivanistic

      Agreed. Also brings up another question… can we get a twin Chivette feature post at some point in the future?

  • DNA

    #24 Double Trouble….Damn!

    • chiz niz

      Dude, there is no #24

    • kl0wn

      no black twins?

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #4 #19 davalos FTW!

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Thank you kind sir!

    • Adam

      Good lord WOW very sexy.

  • Kenai

    – CHIVE! On the 6 month anniversary of Hump Day, there should be a best of the best Hump Day post, like the best humps since January. Thumbs up if you agree!

    • Kenai

      oh and #11 btw. Love the brunnette humps.

  • spinkick

    #5 and #20, so nice you had to show it twice! well played chive…

  • bkfrijoles

    the ladies in #10 😀

    • 4everDistracted

      Jennifer and Natalie Jo Campbell…Misses December 2008

      • bkfrijoles

        thank you sir

  • brent

    olsen twins? nope.

    • BentWrenches

      i almost choked on my burrito when i saw them #17 just so wrong

    • Rufio07

      im a big fan of the olsens ^^

    • black27696

      As a comedian once said, I hope one of them overdoses on cocaine just so I can stop guessing.

  • Skedaddle

    Whoa! What’s not to love? #11 FTW!

  • I love the chive

    Chive, I love you.

    • Firefighter23

      the Chive loves you too.

      • Neo

        Supa Gay ,get a room.

  • Michael McCloskey

    #11 yes please

    • JDubs

      Twin Cities, Anne & Kate

    • Da_Boz

      God went and created the perfect ass….TWICE!

      • bud


    • bull1123

      this is just silly…

  • Captain Canada

    THUMBS UP TO ALL OF THEM! CHIVETTE TWIN's on the way soon?

    • ROK247

      *two thumbs up!

      • Darold

        2 thumbs up and the 21st finger up as well!.

  • Turtle

    Twins, Basil!

  • Glenn

    #22 are those guys in drag??

    • Tyler

      Are you sure you didn't mean #12? Now that looks like a couple of tranny twins.

    • Nephilim

      If thats what guys in drag look like like I need to seriously open up my options.

  • LPC

    #19 double DAT ASS….one can dream i suppose

  • Dan

    #13 — Oh my gahd.

    • nemesis

      The one on the right looks like she's just released an air-biscuit

      • Turduckenn

        air-biscuit. lolz

      • gromtown

        right side is a butterface

    • 4everDistracted

      Karisa and Kristina Shannon Miss July and Miss August 2009

  • Anonymous

    I dont care much for the dictionary definition when it looks this fucking good

  • Roboito

    Most of these are taken from

    • dalexmu

      who cares! just enjoy em

    • Chivetteluver

      If all you're worried about is where these came from… stay the hell on and don't give us your piddly assed 2 cents..

      • agent smith

        The Chive always steals from other sites ,nothing much we can do.

        • bobsky

          and once again…who really gives a rat's ass where the pics come from? As long as we get to see them!

    • crowebar

      I don't go to Break so I guess I don't care, do I?

  • Ryan

    is #19 the twins from Brazil? I thought we had a gallery of them at one time

    • Brad

      colombia I think, the blondes are athletes from brazil…

      • antiskubforlife

        Davalos twins. Colombia is right. They are the embodiment of perfection.

    • tyblos

      i think their are colombians

  • Stacy

    #17 Get the hell outta my Chive!

    • PoppinFresh

      the only twins that don't belong.

    • Dorian


    • Nephilim

      Pictures, no. A lengthy, very naughty video, yes!

    • Johnny P

      piff. like you wouldnt hit that.

  • BiG ED

    #11 and #19 FTW

  • Henry Gibson

    I don't care how hot they are, twins posing together in sexy lingerie is always vaguely creepy.

    • miles

      Yes I've also always thought that…. I saw a threesome with twins and everyone was like "yeah" and … I wanted to call some agency that dealt with incest.

    • Johnny Bloom

      Yeah with you on that man… not complaining though if i dig deeper into my soul. 🙂

    • Incest Is NOT Best

      Yeeaah, so glad I'm not the only one to think so. Sure, posing is nice, but the idea of them getting touchy feely crosses the line.

  • BOB

    I dont care how wrong it is if it looks this fucking good

  • McSgwigga

    Quite possibly my favourite post EVER!!

  • the real deal

    #23 am i dreaming?

  • Ramennov

    Consistently, one of them is prettier than the other. Except the Olsen twins – they're equally ass-ugly.

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