More animals that don’t suck (32 Photos)

  • Arrow

    #9 Isn’t just a dress, it’s the dress that Scarlett O’ Hara makes out of the curtains at Tara in Gone With the Wind.

  • NothingToSeeHere

    #22 – Nothing hotter than a bitch in nothing but a pair of long socks

  • Griffin Heath

    #27 Awesome. Do want~!

  • BMW

    Awesomeness #27 #28 #29

  • Dex

    #2 Some guy in Japan saw that in the 80s. So in '89 we got Super Mario Bros 3.

  • MrRushing

    #3 Yes it looks like Darth Vader. But just 60 years ago this turtle would have been flocked to by thousands of worshipers for bearing a holy visage of the Virgin Mother Mary.

  • Jacksansjill

    #19 is some serious lack of caring, so funny!

  • OhSomeEvil

    Nice pubes.
    party pug, loves to party

  • brigaltwin
    • Connie Quirk

      Pembroke Welsh Corgis don't have tails 🙂

  • Nelson Costa

    #22 I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.

  • Lynne McNaught Sandilands

    #28 made me spit my coffee all over the screen. 😀

  • Jason Ciotti

    Lana: Cyril is already freaked out enough about us sharing this shoebox without you air-drying your unkempt bush.

    Archer: Unkempt bush!? You're one to talk.

    Lana: My vulva is a smoother than a veal cutlet!


    #29 pweeez don't go……

  • JB JB


    Reminds me of silent bob

  • Manmar_McHutch

    #30 My puppy made it on the Chive!!!!!! Her name is Starsky. half lab/ half border collie.

  • Tony Austin

    Gansta guinea pig is Gansta.

  • 007 BOND

    New way 4 adults to do sex go to

  • Coop

    # 12 Try to take this bike, bro.

  • Caia

    Thank you for this great post. I’ve recently eraenld, through my own paintings, that using a photograph too literally can kill the flow and life of the outcome. I’m changing the way I use photographs, using them now to provide me with a general guideline. I’ve been thinking about it deeply, trying to expand my outlook and knowledge to incorporate more movement into my paintings. I very much want to focus on emphasizing what I find uniquely interesting in a scene or object, rather than to present all its details in accurate duplication.

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