Move over DAR, it’s Hump Day (61 photos)

  • Tigerstripes

    Most of these girls have no ass, at all. But for the few that do….I love you Chive.

  • Dunny_

    Think I might <control +> a few times on #61, position the laptop and see if it helps make anything pop up.

  • J_Roc


    OMG! A real person with an outstanding a$$ (not to mention a gap to kill)

    • Bluto

      Not a gap.

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #38 Leo find her…..WOW..

  • Adam

    28 and 47, win.

  • ManimalStyle

    #51 and #59 have clearly won this post

  • jaguar1024



  • Thomathy

    Whoop for the Aggie Chivette!!

  • Rick

    #19 is art!!!

  • GreyGhost9

    #54 ooo my goodness, that is a great ass

  • bull1123

    #47 HOLY SHIT!!!

  • Schmeilsson

    Are you taking these pictures or just majorly creeping on this girl

    • That Guy

      hahaha. she's my friend. i'm just the one sending them in. so yes you can say i'm creeping on her… with her knowledge. if that's possible.

      • Schmeilsson

        Put that creeping to good use and get some more pics for us.

        • That Guy

          i sent them in. it's up to the chive to put them up. there is a great hump shot, i'm sure they are holding onto.

  • Andrew

    GOOD GOD!!! WHO IS #10 and #51???? THAT'S A LOT OF HUMP!!!!

  • ddc2c

    Hump Day gets better and better – you GO Chive! #4 #19 #27 #46 & #53 WOW!

  • pete

    #7 is my type!!

    • F. Gump

      #7 is everybody's type if you have a pulse and don't play for the other team….and I don't mean Texas.

  • Ian

    #31, #53, #59

  • bkfrijoles

    #17 i love that bounce #28 mmmm #54 can we get more of her

  • Emily

    my GOD CHIVE, thank you for this. best hump day post everrr. great day-after-birthday present 😀

  • John

    #59 Fake. Not a very good one either.

  • Logan

    I could care less about hump day. I wish you guys would put more effort in the DAR.

  • Nick

    #7 and #38 wow wow wow wow would love to see MOAR

  • lokiz

    name??? #51

  • Coldzilla

    In response to #13

    HELL YEAH!!!

  • tomoj;oljv

    i'm still trying to figure out how #59 is possible

    • Charlie

      sorry to disappoint but that's chopped. the original is floating around somewhere

  • Herm23

    For the ladies on the boat, great picture #45 – 2, 6, 3, 7, 8, 4, 5, 1

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