Vladimir Putin: The real life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos)

  • David Milinovic

    1 word: Boss.


      Fuck yeah you got that right

      Dont mess with the Put

    • Slauter

      I've always thought this guy was about six degrees of badass.

      • drew

        Which is what he wanted the world to think when he hired the photographers to "capture" him being a badass.

    • Zach

      Except for causing that whole genocide thing. Not exactly the kind of people I admire, personally.

      • Rayden Wins

        I think u have him confused with Stalin

        • Zach

          I'm not, Putins security force has been caught red-handed planting bombs to blame on the Chechens. Google search is your friend. You will thank me before you fall into the personality cult this monster has.

          • don

            that doesn't make it genocide dumbass. genocide is wiping out an entire race of people. Like the Armenians, Jews, Bangladeshis, Cambodians, Tutsis

            • Zach

              He is responsible for the deaths of roughly half the Chechen population. Genocide enough for you?

              • Rayden

                You're right Zach, this 1 man is responsible for centuries of distrust and xenophobia between these two ethic peoples. Dipshit…

                • Zach

                  OK Rayden, I'm not sure about your familiarity with the situation but I'll assume it's that of a ten year old especially since you seem to think I'm saying things that I didn't.

                  Now I'm not defending the Chechens, they are pretty nuts, but Russia's response was barbaric, in 92 when they tried to declare independence, which many countries were at the time, Russia's response was to firebomb and level and entire city. I never said he is the reason for the dislike between the cultures either, not sure where you pulled that out. BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, Putin has stated he has leveled entire cities. His "presidency" rolled back Russias democracy, killed anyone who stood in his way and he has a body count estimated around 300000.

                  However, with the tiniest amount of research you will see a plethora of atrocities with this man right in front. What I REALLY want to know is why are you so bent on defending him? Are you related? How does anyone with common sense defend this guy? During my 6 months in Russia I actively tried to find some amount of justification for why he did what he did, the closest I came was actual, clinical psychopathy.

                  But yea, he can fish in a suit, that makes up for everything. Do some research bud.

                  • Awesome

                    Cool story, bro.

                    • Pat


                  • Sean

                    I can't believe that you are the only person in this thread that at least brings up the Fact that he isn't exactly the greatest person. And that you only get thumbs down.

                    Chive you dissapoint me…

                  • turbosmurf

                    so what , that still makes him a badass motherf*cker.

    • thom

      What a bunch of ignoramuses!
      Thanks Zach and others.

      • adam

        Zach these are the actions of any world leader. Maybe not to the extent but when they isolate themselves from the dispair and pain they cause it gets really easy. 5 million (stat read in article) orphaned Iraqi children! That sucks. They're all assholes.

  • Karl

    Ok he does look kinda badass.

    • Rayden

      kind of? This guy not only absolutely rules the biggest country with the most energy reserves on the planet, he has constant access to hot Russian women…you're my hero Uncle Putin-

    • .......

      'aint no disputin' don't fuck with Putin.

  • OGMrWhite


    na its cool, I got it

    he looks like a bamf

    • r@f.com

      He and Kim Jong IL should hang out… and look at stuff. that would be hysterical.

  • Seannerz

    I think he's Putin us on.

    • DCMOFO

      I'm Vlad to hear that.

      • Seannerz

        Now you've got me Russian to come up with another pun to Chekhof the list.

        • ThatGuy

          You sir, are as a god among men.

        • Firefighter23

          Someone stop Stalin and come up with another pun

          • Seannerz

            I'll think of another pun but I'm might need you to be Lenin me a hand.

            • SheriffPablo

              I got a cooking job on a tourist boat. now I'm a Kruschev

              • Ulisses

                Hahahaha, all you guys are punny!!!

                • sammuelchase

                  get out

                • Fionn

                  That was punishing :/

    • northerner

      Very nice punmanship, all. Though, it's always a matter of opunion.

  • HardCoreMike

    All he needs is a Dos Equis!

    • MikeofLA

      This man drinks gasoline straight out of the pump, then he chases it with burning coals and caviar.

      • hallee


    • drew

      I'm guessing Baltica.

  • MuK

    that's Boiko Borisov ! He is like the bulgarian Chuck Norris!

    • Gonzo

      And the prime minister of Bulgaria.

  • KeyserSoze

    He's a fuckin' badass, no question. I'd love to read his biography some day. He and Obama should have a cage match.

    • HillBilly Bone

      Obama would get his ass kicked and even give an apology afterwards.

      • KeyserSoze

        I know….

      • PartyMarty

        Good call. We should probably let you start choosing our leaders based on that criterea.

    • Conor

      Doesnt Putin know some sort of martial arts too?

      • Anonymous

        I believe he was the Soviet Union champion in judo when he was younger.

      • The Spicy Italian

        He was in the KGB

    • thom

      Its unbelievable this guy would get this sort of worship.

    • thom

      I can't stand Obama, but I would chose Obama a million times before this murderer-monster. Any of you who clicked thumbs up or praised this guy are ignorant and dangerous.

  • Jim

    I don't always kill people, but when I do, I kill them with radioactive sushi.

    • Sluts'R'Us

      This is the only replay that is any good. He's a "badass"? I think he is much closer to a murderer and near-dictator. Putin posts aren't too cool to me. The other replies I don't think even understand the sushi reference.


    Putin post > Kim Jong Post

  • duckasaur

    This picture is so full of Merica, yet he is russian. I am confused. #22

    • Tyler Z. Smithfield

      Well, Russia is just like America, except more badass.

      • Vladimir Putin

        Not at all actually…

    • WirelessCable

      Russia is just like America… only completely different!
      Also in Russia, motorcycle drive you!

  • Gomer

    Where is the one where this BAMF is in a river, fishing for Salmon with his GD shirt off?

    • b-ry

      you know your badass when you fish with a rifle. #11

  • Israelmc

    what a job

  • iambigd42

    #27 is it just me or does this picture look kind of creepy?

    • panama99

      He is probably thinking "I will now kiss this little baby and it will make me look like a nice man." What the fuck are these American Politicians thinking….get me cuter baby and vodka. That is Russian way…wait Russian way is not having elections…….

    • nuna

      Pedobear is lurking…

    • MikeofLA

      Looks like he's about to take a bite… Baby is happy to sacrifice itself for Putin's blood lust.

      • iambigd42

        Right? I was thinking True Blood or something;)

        • andfukyamoms

          Do not struggle my child. Your blood shall replenish me!

    • Grifo

      Mmmm, Souls! Sllllluuuuurrrpp

    • The Spicy Italian

      That baby is freaking huge btw

      • Ripple

        ya he looks like he's about to savor every bite of that kid

    • ros

      just you

  • Dan

    Forgot the one of him playing ice hockey

  • boatdrinks4u2

    #29 Playing "pool" there is a son of a b! smaller holes and huge ass felt…kind of like the women….wait what??

    • ilovethechive

      Why do the balls have no color?

      • gooses

        russian billiards. wikipedia.

  • Cyphon

    looks like an older Daniel Craig in #25

  • Anon


    Now I'm jealous.

    • Brother Maynard

      It's just a Renault, it's not like it was a Ferrari or McLaren.

    • cee farris

      …'if you sprain my wrist, i will have you shot'…

  • Gern Blansten

    Let's see, "former" KGB leader, iron fisted dictator/puppetmaster. Sent spies to US after Cold War ended.

    Oh, he's photogenic. Never mind.

    • PartyMarty

      Certain Chivers swoon for fake-toughguy bullshit. You could replace every one of these pics with a sampling of George W. Bush's super-macho photo-ops and get the same effect.

      "Ooh, look, i'm clearin' BRUSH on mah RANCH!"

      • Stalin

        Not true. Chivers, on average, are far too liberal to give Bush any credit.

        • PartyMarty

          "Certain" Chivers- but generally, you're probably right.

          Though i'd ask what, exactly, you'd want Bush to "get credit" for. Exploding the short and long term deficit? An incredibly expensive and unwarrented war in Iraq under false pretenses? The wholly unnecessary Medicare Part D, which added 1 Trillion dollars of debt? Blocking stem cell research on the grounds of religious morality, even though it could lead to lifesaving and world-changing medical advances?The destruction of 75 years worth of American soft power, international credibility and diplomatic strength? The willfull deregulation of the financial sector leading to the near-collapse of the world economy? Wage stagnation, the shrinking middle class and the creation of the largest gap between rich and poor in America's history?

          Yeah, I miss the guy. Guess it's the black guy's problem now! Haw, Haw, Fags!

          • Some Guy

            You're retarded.
            Obama's made pretty much all of those problems worse. Yep, he sure was the change we all needed right?

            • PartyMarty

              Nice rebuttal. ( NO U!!!!!)

              This isn't the forum for this, but since I started it, lets go line by line:

              1. Deficit: The cratering of the economy has necessitated spending in the short term, but every dime of every new policy and initiative has been accounted for. The auto bailout and TARP (which Bush actually does deserve credit on as well) both stand to not only recoup, but to make a PROFIT (remember, it was called the Recovery & INVESTMENT act.) The health care reform bill reduces the deficit by a trillion dollars over the next few decades (ask the OMB.)

              2. Iraq: We're pretty much out of Iraq, scaling down to a responsable full withdrawl. We've recommitted to Afghanistan, cause, y'know, that's where Al Qaeda has been all along.

              3. Medicare Part D: There's very little Obama can do here, as it's now law. But entitlement reform will happen, and thankfully both parties now realize this. The debate is now over how much will be cut, and how/ from where those cuts will come.

              4. Obama has reversed Bush's ban on stem cell research.

              • PartyMarty

                5. Obama has reestablished the use and strength of diplomatic power throughout the world. International public opinion of the US has steadily risen over the course of his presidency. There are still people who hate us, and always will be, but Obama has changed the perception of America for the better. It's a fact.

                6. Obama signed legislation re-regulating of the financial sector, placing checks and balances and closing many of the loopholes that led to the practices that led to the bank failures of 2008. He also passed comprehensive credit card reform, putting the screws to banks who practice predatory lending.

                • PartyMarty

                  7. Wage stagnation and the shrinking middle class: This has yet to improve much, but you can't say he hasn't done his best to turn the tide. It takes a long time to turn an aircraft carrier around, and the guy has only been in office for two and a half years. A short time to undo a decade's malfeasence. I'll say this though: I trust him to tackle the problem a damned sight more than any Republican I see out there. Hopefully, for America's sake, the middle class will grow again- but that will only happen if people are better educated (middle-class manufacturing jobs ain't coming back), if they don't have to worry that getting sick will make them go bankrupt (we were the only first-world country in the world without some sort of healthcare safety net for all it's citizens) and if we restructure the tax code to look more like it did under Clinton or even REAGAN, when the rich paid their fair share.

    • Zach

      I agree, this guy is nuts and should not be held in any level of high regard. Unless you enjoy praising people that cause the genocide of half the population of the Chechen people

      • infidel

        ^Terrorist apologist here. Apparently your sheltered little existence has never afforded you the viewing of a chechen mob beheading Russians military men. After you've seen those, then talk.

      • evad

        well, i enjoy ! so shut up, dingus !

    • zighawk73

      Some pretty naive comments on here about Putin. Do you realize the mess we left Russia in when we disarmed them and then turned away? This guy was what they needed to ressurect that country. And you list his KGB service as an indication of his villiany? Bush Sr was the director of the CIA, did that make him evil? Putin is not a nice guy, but good and bad is a childish view of politics at the top of a country with as many problems as Russia had. He's a necessary evil, but also a really cool one.

      • Zach

        OK, zighawk, as someone who spend 6 months in Russia and wrote a thesis on their political climate I feel very comfortable to say Putin is a monster. He dissolved the electoral circuit and instilled himself a dictator. He has an admitted hatred of Chechens and he has been caught red handed framing them for planting bombs. He has leveled their entire towns essentially causing a genocide. He is not a necessary evil, he took advantage of the crappy situation Russia was in to get his power. Plus much much more. So when people come on here with a positive outlook of him I assume they are just victims of his personality cult and just don't really know what kind of person they are celebrating.

      • Boris

        Yes, a president who re-elects himself and holds power after his presidency is "over" is exactly what Russia needs to grow and develop. Bush wasn't the second in command after his presidency, and neither did or does he censor the media. Your comment is unfortunately misguided.

    • superpooper

      "Let's see, "former" KGB leader, iron fisted dictator/puppetmaster. Sent spies to US after Cold War ended. "
      LOL sounds like a badass to me! I wish I could do those things. Putin is a boss!

    • LJS

      The Chive isn't about having in-depth discussions about twisted political conspiracy and pointing the finger at certain political figures; it's about appreciating just how fucking badass this dude is.

      Yeah, so he may be a crazy neo-dictator, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of his own people, but the guy wrestles with polar bears… he's just such a boss.

  • Sick

    #27 gives me creeps! if it were a gif, i'd so be expecting him pulling out some serious fangs and sucking that baby's blood

  • anon


    runningbear.jpg approves

  • Jon.


    I don't always pump my own gas into my Lada, but when I do, I get Super.

    • http://joestf1.skyrock.com joest

      He tried to drive "on his own" a Lada for 1000km for a publicity stunt on Russian cars.

      They actually bought 2 spare Ladas and dozens of vehicle (including policecars, armored cars for bodyguards, a canteen, a motorhome, etc.)

      The spare vehicles came quite handy, since the first 2 yellow Ladas broke down during the trip.

  • Jolly boys outing

    13 makes them look like they're on their way to a piss-up in Prague. Or maybe to get into some ultraviolence at a football game in Germany. That Medvedev's a wag, isn't he? Probably spent the last hour taking the piss out of Burlusconi's fake tan. Meanwhile, Putin has been groping the 50 year old flight attendent in the galley. "You want see my bicep? I show you."

  • Andy

    I dont always rule a country but when I do, I prefer Russia.

  • junior

    He's the one we need to be keeping an eye on…wants to rule the world and has a buch of rusty nukes at his disposal…Osama was a pussy compared to this KGB spook

    • Will

      replace "was" with "is" and you nailed it.

      • junior

        I meant bin laden, but yea, your right about the other as well…

        • PartyMarty

          I don't think you two are understanding one another, but to save time, you're both wrong.

    • AO1JMM



  • joey98

    #9 #25 …he's like Tony Stark (Iron Man) in real life! Just a BAMF at everything he does!

    • Zach

      He's a murderous chekist who has rolled back every democratic reform in Russia, run off or killed his political opposition and murders anyone who crosses him including journalists.

      His security service literally got caught red-handed trying to blow up a Moscow apartment block to blame on the Chechens.

      So if that's what you call badass, sure. I lean more towards psychopath myself

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