Vladimir Putin: The real life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos)

  • smokescreen

    #20 your sacrifice in the name of Soviet Medicine will not be forgotten, comrade.

  • dom

    Shoudl have added pictures of him doing martial arts. He is an experianced Judo practionioner.

  • Big E

    #23 #24 he turned her into Leo

  • Lia

    Well…he certainly appears more personable than your average Russian leader…but how much of that stuff can he *really* do and how much is just pics out of context or outright posed? Is that chopsticks he’s playing?

    • amrith777

      I understand Ted Bundy was quite personable too…John Wayne Gacy,as well. o.0

  • Mike

    #13 Silvio looking disappointed about the apparent lack of women

    • PartyMarty

      "What is this shit?"

      • Dev

        look closely and you will see them completely blocking out the women in the background, LOL!

  • thunderjeff

    #4 I'm gonna get that bitch a puppy. Bitches love puppies.

  • hollowboss

    It's a dream #23
    inside a dream #24

  • Texasks

    I dont always breast feed fawns,

    But when i do, i make sure they know how to treat a nipple

  • DefendDallas

    Doing it completely right!

  • jessie

    I want to be his best friend!

  • HillBilly Bone

    This post is missing a lot of pics…. I've received quite of few Obama vs. Putin emails with pics of Putin doing some pretty sweet shit and Obama…..not so much. Posed shots? Maybe, but cool nonetheless.

  • Pinkberryholdup

    13: Berlusconi with a redhead and a blonde in the back, feels real to me

  • snoobs89

    #29 he gave a dead man stare so damn hard all the balls lost there colour.

  • eebu

    #25 Like a boss

  • f3n1x187

    #5 9 and 11, thats a boss. #5 back to the kremlin lemme take a sukov to fly back home a’ight thanks comrade

  • http://talkinsmackradio.com/news/vladimir-putin-the-real-life-most-interesting-man-in-the-world-30-photos/ Vladimir Putin: The real life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos) | talkinsmackradio.com

    […] Vladimir Putin: The real life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos) […]

  • Brother Maynard

    #25 looks like a Bond Villain.

  • Duchess

    #7 Do not want

  • http://jagassery.com/blog/ jaguar1024

    I'd vote for him for President of the United States of Americas.

    • Zach

      He's a murderous chekist who has rolled back every democratic reform in Russia, run off or killed his political opposition and murders anyone who crosses him including journalists.

      His security service literally got caught red-handed trying to blow up a Moscow apartment block to blame on the Chechens.

      He also is responsible for about half of the feaths of the entire Chechen people.

      So president? Really?

      • http://jagassery.com/blog/ jaguar1024

        I bet if he wanted to close Gitmo, it would be closed. Check and mate.

    • thom

      What an ignoramus!
      Can you really be that stupid?
      I bet you own a Che t-shirt.

  • shazam

    #29 You're spots Mr Putin … I don't think so … huh ok stripes … nope … emmm

  • Birdhaus32

    #19 "Oh no, it's cool kids. The government will just buy a new screen after we play TIC TAC TOE on it"

  • Birdhaus32

    That's Chuck Norris. I hope he doesn't find you for the mistake.

    • Event Horizon

      In Soviet Russia, you find Chuck Norris!

  • Rick

    Sucks when other countries leaders makes ours look like a pushover.

  • onethirdjewman

    a lot of these are super badass (my fav: #15), though some of them i'm not too sure as to why they're included… like #10

  • saltygary

    Missed the all time greatest of him kicking some ass in his black belt:

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