Vladimir Putin: The real life most interesting man in the world (30 Photos)

  • Guibombe

    Kim Jong's funnier though! Less action+more staring= More LAUGHS!!!!

  • ...

    Sounds no different to any US president. The only difference is in the patriotism of the people they lord over…

    • Zach

      Really? So what US president in particular dissolved the electoral circuit and instilled himself as a dictator? Which US president was caught red-handed planting bombs to blame on Chechens? He is essentially responsible for the deaths of nearly half a population of people. To respond to rebellions of the people that supposedly are "patriotic" to him he levels the town. Oh yea, sounds like our presidents to me.

      • Jonn

        It kind of does

      • SheriffPablo

        Sounds like a Bush to me!

        • Zach

          between 1994 and 1996 Putins "war on terror" killed 100,000 Chechen people, wounding 240,000, and scattering 17 million anti-personnel land mines across the country. What from Bush's presidency is comparable to that?

          • not-merican

            Have you been asleep for the last few years?

            Clap Clap Zach i bet your a bit supporter of the US position in the middle east? cause they are there for the terrorists right……. not the oil…..

            There are a shit load of skeletons in the US closets too.

            • PartyMarty

              There's a difference between "skeletons in the closet" and outright crimes against humanity. Neither the US, Bush or Obama are perfect by any means, but Putin is a monster. There's no comparison.

  • adamcoasttocoast

    his badassery would be amplified if he had a beard.

  • Euri

    I guess that's cool for a self acknowledged former KGB agent. I mean never mind the random murders and abductions of his own people or anything he is totally cool cause there are pics of him pumping gas.

    • KUI

      1. Yes, he is a murderer and a war criminal.
      2. Nobody's saying the guy is a hero, he just looks badass. Lighten up.
      3. What exactly makes being part of the KGB worse than being part of the CIA?

  • noway Jose

    #18 for some reason of all the pics this is the one I find the most interesting…

    • noway Jose

      Gotta be shopped…..

  • rachel j

    #27 HE WAS MY LEADER! :,(

  • Clegg

    too bad he's going to blow up america!

  • showtownman

    Sorry, guys. I don't find thugs "interesting."

  • loso

    why do i have more respect for this guy than i do for the president of the US?

  • yesssirs

    that couch arm kinda looks like vladimir's putin.

  • Steven

    #24 I don't often hang out with actors, but when I do I pick the gayest one I can find


    If we had to have a socialist jackwagon elected President, we should be glad it was'nt a man like this. Obama we can dump in 2012. Russia will never be rid of this man. Putin is a despot. He must laugh at Barrack.



  • Todd S.

    This is the type of Prez we need here in America.Someone that has Balls.And stand up for there nation.

  • WirelessCable

    umm not russian, If you're gonna do it at least do it correctly…

    English Phonetic- nyet! da! nyet! da! nyet! da!
    Russian Cyrillic- нет да нет да нет да

  • Guest

    True story man! I saw him shoot a fish while on horseback. It was awesome

  • mackin

    #8- Putin is also underwater, just holding his breathe.
    #10- not seen- his landing, Mary Poppins style
    #20- after his touch, she got up, got dressed, and went home
    #23 and #24 were taken seconds after each other, after Putin's famed "I bet I can transform you into Leo DiCaprio" trick

  • will

    i don't always brink beer but when i do it's not the damn mexican shit

  • fedd


  • Arzo Arsalan

    I am Chechen, and I don’t think he is interesting, how would you feel if a website said that Hitler is the most interesting man in the world?

    • lerxt

      How about Time Magazine's Man of the Year in 1938?

      Just because someone's evil, doesn't mean that they can't be "interesting".

      I also think this was a "tongue in cheek" tribute…

  • mister

    Putin is the man. loves people, loves animals, knows the art, has the soul. Fuck bush and osama.

  • Da Sandman

    chive… this is a manipulative tirant… wtf?

  • dubya

    I don't always snack, but when I do, I prefer babies

  • Uncle Scotty

    Shouldn't these photos be under the douchebag section?

  • thom

    I am very disappointed in the Chive and the Chivers. This man is a brutal murderer. He should not have had a single thumbs up, let alone not getting his own gallery.
    Each person in these pictures is just kissing ass while fearing for their lives.
    Shame on you free people who think he is cool.

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