Whistler’s Gaper Day 2011 started with a bang… and I’m pretty sure a broken tailbone (40 HQ photos)

My girlfriend and I spent the holiday weekend taking advantage of some late-season skiing in Whister, BC. Whistler is located in America's top-hat, Canada, for all you Mexican Chivers (and Mac) out there. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a yearly tradition where all the locals dress up in ridiculous outfits (yes, even more redic than their usual every-day hipster/grundge onesies) and thrash their way down Whistler Blackcomb one last time for the season -hammered drunk.

Before hitting the slushy slopes, a small group of Gapers tore down the concrete steps of the Pan Pacific and it didn't end well...

Needless to say, we had an awesome time hangin with those crazy Canucks -I highly recommend visiting. Oh, and if anyone knows Constable Stables, Badge #164543, can you please ask him kindly to “lose” the ticket he wrote me for an illegal u-turn and an expired driver’s license? Chive Eh!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shannon-Coverdale/606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    #34 Rock on you alleged offender you

  • Terryc

    P.S. i agree with the deadspace thing thou

    • snoobs89

      i see what your saying Terry, if im honest i personaly think the chive could tone down the pictures of girls.. (anybody that replies with "i have some bad news for you…" to that sentance just stop it) i wasnt trying to have a dig at the posts where they are getting chivers to submit E.g the "shop this" or "Caption this" i feel they need more of those! that is what the best of thechive is tho submissions,(scumbag steve,the born free baby etc.) not the very clearly staged jokes in the chive office, or the "look what we did over the weekend" or the just balls out cockiness to think that Bad teacher post was chive worthy, and that chivers being chivers will love it because John or bob put there name to it…

      • Terryc

        Yeah I see exactly what you mean. I miss the scumbag steve and born free baby kinda post.

      • snoobs89

        i know running a site costs money ( alot of money) and Ad's make the money, but they wouldnt need all the "all over your face / ram it down your throat" advertising if they just kept the site to its core of "users submit, they pic the best submits, and post them, job done"

        • HANK

          I used to b able to view the chive at work and it was so funny even to the women in the office now they all think I'm a pervert even tho I don't view the hump day/sexy chivers posts at work but you still see ass and titties all aver the home pages anyone who walks past my desk at the wrong moment when I'm scrolling past just thinks I'm ogling women all day. So now not only am I the guy who isn't getting work done because of my obsession with the site but a perv on top. But I wont stop chivin at work its become a part of my daily routine I mean I'm not just going to stop eating or breathing so why stop chivin. Oh and I've been right here the moment the Black tees have been announced and went str8 to the chivery only to find sold out. That angers me. I can live with being considered a perv but I need my shirt dammit!!!

          • snoobs89

            They could buy 10,000 Chive logo tee's but then they would loose all the hype of them. if they make a post sayin "all logo tee's sold out in minutes!!" people who dont want one then see the post and think well… i kinda want one now

  • Jason

    No, it expired on May 11th. Everywhere else in the world writes dates as dd/mm/yyyy

  • Canadian Eh

    day/month/year His birthday shows May 10, so his license would expire the next day


    That chick was highly overrated.a 7 at best. kinda glad that went away. Seems like chives more about quantity then quality. I love having all the posts throughout the day, but dont work 2 hard at this. time is money and I hope they dont make this a business because eventually it wont b fun anymore to them and eventually us.

  • Rob

    So you got a ticket for a expired drivers license on 05/30/2011, but he wrote that your license expires on 11/05/2011? Am I reading this correctly?

    • Nathan

      (yy)yy/mm/dd (20)11/05/11 – standard format for the world except the US

  • John

    Awesome post!! Chive boys, you should encourage this sort of thing. Random Chivers happen onto a cool local event and take snaps; The Chive is the perfect vehicle for this. To Hell, to Hell I say, with the naysayers. They suck the sweat from dead men's balls. #28 is just the best.

    • chiveasaurus

      Those guys aint naysayin, if u read there saying there needs to be more chiver submitted content and not chive team created content, this was what the chive team did over the weekend.. thechive isnt jon bob n leos facebook at the end of the day

  • RatedR401

    "lose" not "loose" lol

  • bless1

    been snowboarding for years and never heard the term gaper. a gaper to me is a person who loves chics gaps. proud chivein gaper!

    • t-rav

      its pronounced "gay-per" and it has nothing to do with "gaps". if you don't know what it means and "you've been riding for years", odds are you're a gaper.

  • equalizermax

    Go Vancouver Canucks!

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #34 Leo you just a young pup….But learning LOL

  • a14x-xs

    "loose" the ticket??? how about LOSE. Not too late to get your GED.

  • Talconda

    This needs to be filed in the Douche Hipster section. That is all.

  • http://twitter.com/ADavis41 @ADavis41

    You ladies left out the rainbows and unicorns this time…nice try though.

  • Coldzilla

    We're the top hat?

    ** looks at dollar comparison **

    More like a Crown now 😉

  • Mochi

    Sure we are. Now take one lollipop sweetie.

  • bonezoz

    Even the US Military writes out dates DD/MM/YYYY so everyone who's not either in the military or living elsewhere in the world are right and the rest of the US is wrong 😛

    BTW, my Missouri license expires 4 Nov this year and I had a person tell me the other day here in Australia that my license had expired because the exp date is written 11/04/2011.

  • loso

    this is why canada has free health care

    they know people are to stupid to "NOT" snowboard or ski down concrete stairs

  • darth skippy

    you left the country with an expired license? dumbass.

  • Frankie

    Christopher LOL

  • Allenavw

    Burned by the RCMP!! Tsk tsk, obvisouly he's not a Chiver, you defs would have gotten away with it.

  • fred


  • Rob

    I work in a bank in Canada everyday I get reminded at how our economy is not sinking, and how our dollar is over the Americans "Americas- Top Hat" Seriously? No war, no bad economy, no cables leaked, no international hate or attacks, no fat chicks (in comparison), and free health care. YES PLEASE Proud to be Canadian, ashamed of thechive at the moment, and I even bought a shirt

  • Rob

    I agree I just don't like how John and Leo went from "Lets run an awesome website… oh shit this thing is taking off this is awesome" to "Playboy mansion, vancouver, photo shoots, clothing line" Come back to the awesome level stop chirping Canadians our dollars higher, better economy, no war, no international hate, free health care. You call us your top hat we call you our shoes we only use you when we need to get muddy

  • Markus

    Come talk to us when the Canadian dollar is used as the world reserve currency, then we can discuss worthlessness.

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