Chive Everywhere (56 Photos)

  • ryan

    first again

    • KeyserSoze

      You should put that on your resume…

    • Billy

      And Fuck Off yet again!!

  • Random

    #47 – only -$2 discount? that's no way to treat a fellow Chiver

    • Bodhi

      better than no discount at all think about that =)

    • Billy

      I dont think the bartender understands what its like to be a chiver yet

  • kate-the-gate

    Bloomin' marvellous people! Well done!

  • Will


    I was there both days working in the suites. it was a great time and atmosphere

    • Chive Bunny

      Suite !

  • Lauren Gentile

    #25 and #33 are epically awesome.

    • ilovethechive

      This from someone who herself is epically awesmoe. Thanks Chive and thanks Lauren

      • Man Up

        Whats with the ass kissery?

        • stayinachive

          Its all there in tth name

      • Lauren Gentile

        What a nice thing to say – thank you. πŸ™‚ Were you by any chance one of the 'gents in the above pictures? If so, I think that you deserve the proper thanking!

        • ilovethechive

          As much as I would love to say I am to see what this proper thanking would entail, I must stick my my "good guy" persona and sadly say I am not. Since I misspelled it earlier and it is the absolute truth and most definately worth repeating…You R Epecially Awesome Ms. Gentile!!

          • stayinachive

            she'll always be miss gentle to me

      • phideauxe

        Never thought we'd see penis in here before nipple……

    • Adam

      #25 I have a buddy who is on the CGC TORNADO one of the other 179' Cyclone class cutters down in Pascagoula, Mississippi these ships were transferred from the NAVY. The link is a pic of the ZEPHYR when it was moored up to the base I'm currently stationed at.

      <img src="; width="500" height="333" alt="CGC Zephyr at Coast Guard Island">

      • Lauren Gentile

        That is so incredibly sick. It was the first to respond to the Deepwater Horizon oil rig fire, right? Keep up the damn good work Adam. The Coast Guard is such a phenomenal group. πŸ™‚

  • Chiveinator

    #3__ Photobomb!__#28__Chive is a newspaper now? where do i subscribe

  • spencer

    yeah i hate when relief workers take photos for large websites that might raise awareness that people need our help there. very poor taste

    • gogoman

      The people in papua new guinea dont need 'our' help. They do just fine on their own. It IS in poor taste.

      • sarcasm

        doesn't appear that they need clothes at all.

  • Chiveinator

    How did they get the screen to photograph so clear
    is chive offering rickshaw taxiing now? why don't people tell me these things

    • equalizermax

      Using Photoshop

      • Chiveinator

        but than that would mean #29…

        • DistractedIndividual

          This one looks weird anyway….

      • Photoshopper

        The 'everything is photo-shopped' group has arrived. The Pixels man… look at the pixels.

    • Nick

      #22 because I had a damn nice camera! πŸ˜‰

      • Chiveinator

        Just wanted to know your secret
        all I ever get in my pics is my cameras reflection
        if I get on here do you think fuji would sponsor me?

        • Photographer

          Don't use flash, turn up the back-lighting on your phone all the way up, and if you noticed, he focused on the phone, instead of the background.

          • Chiveinator

            thanks for the tip:)
            I already do the supressed flash and max backlighting ,my main problem is I try to get too much In
            muchas gracias

  • Sharky

    #55 Could you add her to the DAR too? I'd hate to miss more pics because of a technicality

    • ilovethechive


    • Chiveinator

      Hump wednesday ,mind the gap Monday ,sexy chivers the possibilitys are endless πŸ˜‰

    • Shiyan

      That is beautiful. MOAR!!!!

    • 13rit_tiny

      Aww thanks Sharky and all you other sweetheart Chivers! I'm gonna shed a few pounds and then blow up Sexy Chivers and Hump Day. Haven't had a chance to do more Chive On pics either, but those will hopefully be coming soon! In the meantime, find me on Facebook!

  • Mmmmm

    More #39 please. Love gorgeous latina girls.!

    • Erika Zoe

      Thank you for the love! πŸ™‚

    • Surf and Snow

      Yes, MOAR of her please! She is stunning!

  • b-ry

    if you are female…prove it. #11

    • b-ry

      also…#33 is NSFW

  • ROK247

    chive on from bad photoshop job usa!


    • Chiveinator

      not so fast I know lots of people whose thumbs look like that

    • oups

      I think it's due to a bad panoramic shoot, not a shop

    • Admiral Ackbar

      Photoshop aside, the largest living organism on the planet is a fungus found in the Malheur National Forest in Oregon. Its a Honey mushroom that spreads 3.5 miles across and would take up about 1,665 football fields. Just saying.

      • Owen Smithers

        Honey badger don't care.

    • aaron

      That's not Larry King

  • raindrop

    we need more boston girls!!!!!

  • equalizermax

    Yeheyy!!! They finally posted my picture!

    • Chiveinator

      +100 internets to you πŸ™‚

  • seriouslybro

    way to repeat yourself, youself.

    • KeyserSoze

      way to spell the same word 2 different ways one comment.

      • seriouslybro

        way to construct an incomplete sentence. you need the word "in"

        • KeyserSoze

          Way to capitalize the first word in a sentence and end the second without a period.

          • Rion

            Way to gargle my balls.

            • KeyserSoze

              That's what I told your mom last night.

          • seriouslybro

            actually, to end the second sentence, the period would go inside of the last quotation mark. struggle with grammar much.

            • KeyserSoze

              Not as much as you struggle with the shift key at the beginning of a sentence. And you're actually wrong about he period placement.

              • seriouslybro

                nope, look it up. And I don't struggle with the shift key, maybe with capitalization at the start of a sentence but not the key. The shift key doesn't start senteces. Understand words before you use them in a big boy way.

                • KeyserSoze

                  If you're going to use a compound adjective properly, try to either hyphenate it or put the two words right next to each other. Your two options are bigboy and big-boy, the latter being the preferred usage.

                  • seriouslybro

                    nope, look it up again. Compound adjectives are either hypenated or spaced, not side-by-side; the latter creates a new word. "Bigboy" is not a word. Keep trying and you'll master the language someday.

  • Jessica Condrey

    #24 I luv you πŸ˜€

    • Glenn_Coco

      I want, nay, I NEED one of those.

      • Jessica Condrey

        correct….you lucky man

        • Glenn_Coco

          I don't suppose they asked you to be in the chive calendar…? They should.

    • Sinjin Lewis

      that would be mine (; Dig Dug is my favorite!! I was gonna try to spell "Chive On" but it just was not possible lol

  • El Huron

    Konichiwa Domo-Kun πŸ˜€

    • Jacqueline Brearley

      Gotta be a student…

      • Seaner

        Nope. I took this at work. Chive ON!

  • b-ry

    oh shit…didn't even see that…thought it was the table. haha. i guess now I'm gay huh.

    • miles

      just subconsciously.

    • miles

      and consciously

  • Big D

    #46 Parris Island?

    • joocifer

      I think that building was in the movie the wrestler.

  • Owen Smithers

    Ah, Mr. Reagan, how we miss you… "government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem." So true, so true.

    • Ronald Reagan

      "Seriously…. where the fuck am I?" So true, so true.

    • McBeastie

      Nah, you're the problem.

  • Lawdog

    #36 Warren Miller Films without Warren Miller are like cupcakes without frosting…..

    • Dave Gal


      • Geronimo Ellsworth

        Multigrain Muffins.

  • mtl_native

    #55 NOYCE!!!!!

    • ROK247

      seriously, i wasnt staring at your ass – your ass was the one hitting on ME!

  • Gdubs

    ROCK CHALK!! About time I saw some more KU students Chiving it up!!

  • oX_Animal_Xo

    Great pic #25. Keep up the good work.

  • John


    Are you even allowed to show this one? Or is it kinda like that "National Geographic" rule they get away with on TV?

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