Huntin’ rigs (21 photos)

  • J.T.

    #17 is the best out of all the hunting rigs, only in africa!!!

  • Jhony

    Adam was it Tyson that told you about it? He’s a good friend of mine. We would love to have you out to this, bro! Directions will be up shotrly, as well as updates on my efforts to webcast this. And welcome to the site, too!Ryan I don’t know, bro; your tone sounded pretty good in the clips you sent me!Andy thanks for the kind words, and of course, the stellar work on the amp. it just looks amazing. And I just replaced the jewel lamp with a green one, because I have a love affair with cool led’s like that. It looks fantastic, thanks to you (and the green led).Dan thanks, I’ll check out ustream and see what I can do about getting this streaming on the web for the night.

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