Martin Schoeller’s celebrity portraits are a welcoming fresh style (15 Photos)

More at Martin’s site HERE.

  • Shooter McGavin

    I imagine #10 happens on a day to day basis

  • Jeremy Santana


    • Dirty Dingus

      You know how I know you're gay?

      • Billy

        You know how I know you are stupid?

  • Catence

    These are amazing. I want to hang out with #2, #11, #12….

    • snoobs89

      jason segal id like to have a beer with i imagine zack galifinackis or however you spell it is hilarious on a 24/7 basis but paul rudd? the dude just seems really unfunny.. i am basing that assumption solely on that "i love you man" film which was as much fun as pulling pubic hairs out for 2 hours.. so i may be wrong.

      • snoobs89

        c'mon thumbs down really? did people actually think that film was good?

    • ilovethechive

      All at the same time! I have to imagine my face would explode with laughter

    • Ashiee19

      Zack Galinifakis (totally don't know how to spell that) is the man!

      • snoobs89

        i second that motion

  • Lia

    I’d say that “really strange” is a more accurate descriptor….

    • Lev

      Would you rather have poor-quality unstaged paparazzi photos? Or perhaps generic, buttoned-down red carpet style photos that show no personality? These are at least interesting, which celebrity photos are usually nay.

  • ThatGuy

    #5 I know that feel bro.

    • SkyVader

      Stuart Mackenzie: Look at the size of that boy's heed.
      Tony Giardino: Shhh!
      Stuart Mackenzie: I'm not kidding, it's like an orange on a toothpick!

  • ThatGuy


    Looks like Pedobear shaved a little and got a few medal.

    • Evelyn

      i'm pretty sure that's his daughter…

    • Nick

      That's his daughter Pearl you fuckin creep. She's been in like every other internet sketch he's done. Get with the times jackass.

      • ThatGuy

        Jesus Fucking Christ people, its a joke. No, I seriously thought Well Ferrel was a pedophile, god chill the fuck out.

  • Lower

    You're welcome Stockholm.

  • Clueless

    Anyone know who any of these "celebrities" are?

    • MattJ32

      Yes Clueless I'd probably say these people would clarify as celebrities and I may be guessing but I'd say about 99% of America and the UK's population could name a few of these!

      • Firi

        The only one I don't know is #13

        • Anon

          You don't know THE Stephen Colbert? The Nation will judge you.

          • tankus

            I didn't even recognize him and he's one of my favorite satirical humorist for politics. I don't even think it's him!

      • FoCoLivin


    • Bud Ugly

      I recognized all of these people, and I'm often prone to not recognizing celebrities.

      • Clueless

        I call bullshit. I'm a normal US citizen and I only recognized 5. I don't even know who Stephen Colbert is for God's sake. And the guy in the Katie Perry picture is definitely not Katie Perry. Who the hell is he? I recognized 1 – Jack Black, 7 – Will Ferrill, 9 – the maid that Arnold knocked up, 10 – Obama, and I think 14 is George Clooney.

    • Captain Charley

      this is a pretty shitty attempt at humor clueless, cause if you can't name every person here I'd be very surprised.

      #2 with Jason Segel is fucked up, #14 just do it Georgey, do the world a favor, then turn it on yourself.

  • tommybhoy

    #4 Somehow I think he has done this before….

  • bkfrijoles

    Mike Myers 😀

  • TheTerrorizer


    Really?!…Even after having Katy Perry

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Oh, that's not Katy Perry?!

      P.S. I'm sick of those two…

    • Kane

      You know the old saying . . ."Show me the most beautiful woman in the world and I'll show you a man who is tired of her shit."

      • Dick LeGrande

        Katy Perry ain't the the most beautiful woman in the world, thats for damn sure.

  • tankus

    These are awesome, #1 and #9 are my favorites!

  • Benton McGrath

    #3 And not a single fuck was given that day.

    • Bud Ugly

      Except for Seinfeld and Colbert, that seems to be the message in all the other photos.

      #11 – And not a single fuck was given that day.

      • Billy

        And not an original comment was given this day.

        • Benton McGrath

          Someone else has already said it best. American History X taught me that.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #7 so damn creepy..!
    #14 heads up, nutshot coming!! do it george!

  • cmonstur


    I feel like this isn't the first time he's been in this position.

  • Winnie the pooh

    where is bill fuckin murray?!:@

    • Aeternus

      My thoughts exactly, though these are pretty cool too.

  • ImpressMe

    Seriously people….these aren't fresh or amazing….these are an example of how crap becomes famous. These are the lady gaga of photos….tell the sheeple they are original and amazing and they will eat it up…while the "artist" laughs all the way to the bank.

    • teh_shard

      Your argument for originality went out the window as soon as you dropped the word "sheeple". You are no better than the riff-raff you rally against.

    • Nick

      Suppose I'd be this upset if I still hadn't found a job with my "Art Major" bahahahahaha

      • Captain Charley

        hahahahaha, funny shit Nick, funny shit.

    • Name

      cynical much?

  • Sen

    #14 Fight Club 2 ?

    • iinferno2010

      or oceans 14

  • Eric Wingfield

    How can you not like #15 ? Jerry is in the hall of fame of comedy and this is actually a pretty good picture!

    • Clueless

      Jerry who?

  • moeshere Foxdale

    #10 That is how he see's him self…Talk about stuck on you LOL…

    • ThatGuy

      If you ever get that successful you can get stuck on yourself too.

  • Chiefs420

    #1 – So I guess we're still pretending Jack Black is funny? Can't stand that fucking guy.

    • Chiefs420

      Wow. Don't talk shit about Jack Black or say that Jessica Alba's about to shit out a kid. Roger!

  • ZombieBootParty

    #10 = NO TALENT HACK……….

    • ZombieBootParty

      And he doesn't deserve those women

    • MeatloafAlsoMeatloaf


      I dunno. Seems he's decent with a paintbrush.


    • 123

      Trust me, you don't get that powerful without some talent. It might not be your cup of tea, but the man is successful. I can't stand his music or anything else about him, but I can respect that he's a talented individual with lots of drive who is probably easily 100 times more successful than anyone you or I'll ever know.

  • mattythegooch

    Agreed with 420 – Soooooo fucking burnt out on Jack Black!!! #1 Even Tenacious D!

  • Ian

    Diddy should try emoting sometime.

  • Paul


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