Redheads: Mankind’s Holy Grail or Unholy Omen? You decide (40 Photos)

If you have any hot redheaded photos (whether you know the girl personally or not) please send them my way at bringittobob[at]gmail[dot]com

  • adam

    #7, #19, #30, #37

  • Htisss

    #3 and #10 are this week's winner…#40 is getting way too much air time

  • Anonymous

    Gotta Love RED. Got anymore?

  • Lleamen

    #8 – Time for another Tattoo post?

  • Ira Ulrich

    #7 #17 #23 #39 Wow!

  • bob

    Me likey all…. *wipes tears*

  • konaehukai

    Redheads are proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.

  • Toots McGee

    #23.. Yep, that's pretty much what I'd be doing all day if I were her too!! Delicious!

  • Bob

    For the love of god, no more fucking Gingers.

  • @notmyday03

    They are all smoking hot, cause they're red heads, but at #8 Misti Dawn is super hot

  • Allenavw

    #34 I like natural red-heads better. You can tell when it's dyed.

  • juniorjoel

    That is just unfair.
    We dont have this much redheads around in Brazil.

  • RAS


  • Greg

    Redheads are my Kryptonite!

  • MadManDad

    #22 is carrying a HEAVY burden! Link to the rest of the pic anyone?

  • @MrChAndy

    I think those people who don't appreciate redheads are losing out, I'm not complaining – more redheads for us!

  • goForth

    #8 Misti Dawn just twittered that she wants to be a Chivette! Yay or nay?

    • Bluto

      Since you can see just about every inch of her, inside and out, by google search, what's the point?

      • stephanie

        who cares…YAY

        p.s. I used to have a subscription to her site

  • SomeoneLessFamiliar

    Seriously, who is #27? I have to know!

    • sean1980

      that's anna semenovich. yes, that's her real last name.

  • Esiah

    #8 MistiDawn is one of the most gorgeous, and cool chicks ever. She’s talked about being a Chivette for over a year. WE WANT MISTIDAWN!!!

  • Catch

    #36 made me say "holy shit"

  • 007 BOND

    New way 4 adults to do sex go to

  • it5ju5talx

    #23 the hell is her niple?

  • Heelboy

    Red on the Head, Fire in the Hole!!!

  • Ifuckinloveredheads

    #1, #6, #40 I didnt want to be greedy so i'll take these top 3

  • Rusty_Dreams

    Want to see #7 when I walk through my door tonight.

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