Hot Right Now: I didn’t choose the tug life, the tug life chose me (42 Photos)

Redheads: Mankind’s Holy Grail or Unholy Omen? You decide (40 Photos)

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If you have any hot redheaded photos (whether you know the girl personally or not) please send them my way at bringittobob[at]



  • M1428!

    #8 Misti Dawn!!!❤

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #5 #2 #6 #7 #8 #17 Love me a firecrotch

  • VancouverOaf
  • Maui B

    #13 gives new meaning to the phrase "pull my chain"

  • Brad Kempeny Jr

    Looks like Charlie Laine

  • Meee

    WTF? Where is Ariel?

  • top dog

    I'll bet #3 and #10 got freckles on their butts…Damn I wanna see!!!

  • Michel Payette


  • Aytchie

    #25 leaves me without words.

  • Dick LeGrande

    I slept with a ratural red head once, she dropped her panties and I thought she was on fire….She told me she was and I had the fire hose so put it out. #21 kinda reminds me of her.

  • Jacob

    #13 looks more like a dirty blonde than a true red head. That is all

  • Skedaddle

    #7 has legs all the way up to her whatchacallit #35 is just plain yummy.

  • Rangerdanger

    #15 Best in the bunch. Slim picking this time around. Bad form, Chive, bad form.

  • dicgozinia

    I am pretty sure #12 has leg circulation problems and Amy Pond FTW!

  • JFyn

    #39 is definitely a Holy Grail! #40 is a contender as well!

  • Bossie

    #28 and #33 gets me going… nothing like a good looking redhead… I know… my wife is one too.

  • Evan

    My fav post!

  • Matthew Ernest Purnell

    More pics of #8 please!

    • @meowmistidawn

      agreed, and im close to the Chive HQ

  • antiskubforlife

    "Who wants to play Stratego? McSwigga has Stratego…"

  • Chiveinator

    I wonder which one is Molly and why they are flogging her?
    Chiveanator from Ireland

  • Ken

    #10 #21 #28 Oh, baby, there are the real thing!

  • junker

    #8… FIND HER!!!!

    • @meowmistidawn

      found. Hi. I'm Misti. That was face huh?

      • @meowmistidawn

        i mean fast. damn you auto correct.

  • Pedro Maia

    OMG #40

  • Why Not?

    #4 karen gillan is OMFG hot!!!

  • Chivemaster

    #19 #37 So hot. I love the outfit.

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