Sittin on douche deuces (27 photos)

  • Drea619

    Racism on comment boards= bitch assness

  • reme

    Where do YOU read into it, any prejudice? Judgmental, sure. Asshole? Why? Because he has an opinion? Guess what that makes YOU?
    As for me? I get it- it's a sub-culture thing. I'd rather walk, though.

  • McBeastie

    except of course for the latinos and white guys in the pics…but yeah, it's a black thing.

  • wztarheel

    #23 I always question someone whose rims cost more than the car.

  • Dapper_Dave

    I'm thinking that the money they put into hooking up these crap rides, they could have bought a much nicer car….I'm just sayin…

    #3 I 'm also thinking this guy is out cruising for single moms. brilliant when you think about it.

  • Da Sandman

    #22 the fuck…?

  • 4everDistracted

    Made me spill my drink…thanks for the laugh

  • b-ry

    all that's missing here is the purple drank.

  • fresh

    Looks like there is a common theme with the drivers/owners of these rides….wonder if you can spot it??

  • bless1

    #25- wow.

  • Juann Strauss

    #19 is kinda, almost, acceptable.

  • El Fantom

    Seem legit to me ! (if the driver is a girl)

  • sidewinder65

    First thing a cops going to say to you when he pulls you over is "Where's the weed ??"

  • A-train

    I am pretty sure #26 is just trying to recreate Firecracker for “M.A.S.K.” and for that I applaud him

  • Chiver Lover

    You seem to be a nice guy, and I say this with all due respect, and i mean ALL do respect: "That had to be one of the gayest things I've ever read. Who wrote that for you, Mr. Rodgers? What the fuck is this 'Nice is contagious' bullshit about?

    Endless ridicule of someone because they showed kindness, genuine emotion, or made a slight typographical mistake is what makes the Chive fun. Its like a never ending hazing. That leaves you cold and heartless and better able to deal with life. Its what makes the chive community, the chive community. Chive On.

    • Chiver Lover

      do = due*

      • McBeastie


    • That Guy

      you do realize that your name means you are a lover of a man right? a Chiver is a male chive follower. a Chivette lover means you are a female chive follower lover. if you are a woman that's fine. i stand corrected.
      but if not, your name is the gayest one i've seen on the chive. not in a demeaning way, but that you must literally be gay for having a name like that. might as well say "i love chiver's cock". you know you're right.. this hazing thing is kinda fun. chive on.

    • its_forge

      Fuck you, Fred Rogers is a SAINT.

      • bigdeal

        he deserves a nice dinner AND a callback… unlike that WHORE dorothy mantooth….

    • Buster

      Speaking of grammatical errors, you had a few:
      1) If you're intent is to create a contraction from "it is", you should type "It's".
      3) The word "I" should be capitalized.

  • panama99

    I think we should all just try and hug each other and then we can all sit around a camp fire eating smores and stuff………

    I love you all!!!!

    Come on…give me hug.

  • John Q. Public

    This shit is fucking stupid! Every time I see one of these kinds of cars with fat rims, I laugh my ass off and thumb down as I drive by. Pisses'em off, but that's what I'm going for.
    If these car owning gangbangers had half a goddamned brain, they'd be spending their ill-gotten gains by paying their CHILD SUPPORT instead of taking a $5000.00 car, adding $3000.00 worth of rims and paint, and then ending up with a $1500 that now has absolutely ZERO resale value (as a whole car), looks stupid, and is only attractive to other gangbanger dipshits. I mean, really … who the fuck are we trying to impress? Certainly NOT the educated!
    That is all!


      For you to assume that all these people have to pay child support shows that you are certainly not educated.

    • CoupDaVillan

      why does it have to be they're all criminals that owe child support and gangbang??
      I own a 1986 Regal on 22's with nice paint (no cereal or cartoons, just clean) and an exceptional system…i AM from a bad neighborhood, but i do NOT sell drugs or bang…i paid for my car by getting bombed in Iraq and tracking down chinese subs off the coast of Japan. i dont do it to impress people, i do it so my car doesnt look like the other 10 million cars on the damn roads

      YOU sir are being fuckin ignorant, a trait common among the "uneducated"

  • Joe

    I'd drive them… into a tree!

  • Pete

    Imagine how incredibly hard it is on the brakes to slow these things down. The leverage those huge wheels create is awful. Too worried about looking stupid to think about that, I imagine.

  • clickhere

    #26 you got a flat tire,

    go ahead change it

  • tom

    how to spot the lack of a sense of humor.

    • Sean

      How to spot an obviously ignorant caucasian male.

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone wants to ride on stock rims lame-o’s

  • echogeo

    Another one of my submissions is #1. NICE!

  • Sean Fleming

    is #22 suppose to be Zurg?

  • Coldzilla

    yeah nothin like riding around in something that resembles a baby carriage……

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