Sittin on douche deuces (27 photos)

  • guest

    Not flirting with race card, just bad taste in subject matter. Who's interested in this low class crap?

  • shaka

    It is called living in the real world. You know some of us have to work to pay for your stupid rims…

  • Josh

    dumbest collection of cars … thank god they are all in South Beach

  • b.o.l

    Danny P is a douche

  • b.o.l

    most of the these pics are on south beach

    • dirty_sanchez

      Yea its called Memorial Day on South Beach.

  • its_forge

    How to spot someone who prioritizes his cash.

  • its_forge

    Your red neck is such a nice complement to the sheet you wear over your head.


    • bigdeal

      omg FUCK OFF!! i dont care how racist it sounds, if you dont have to pay for food out of your pocket, you have PLENTY of free disposable income for stupid shit. dont believe me? crying racist? go to the grocery store on the "1st of the month" (oh, a real song btw) and pay attention to the clothes those recipients are wearing ok? and the 4 5 6 7 8 900 $ purses they pull that card out of.

      • its_forge

        All you have to do, you see, is quit making stupid assumptions. Nobody is pulling their food stamp card out of a nine hundred dollar purse, that's fucking stupid. Don't criticize anyone until you've walked a mile in their shoes. Oh and calling some random woman a whore in your other reply to me – yeah, that's a form of bigotry too pal. You're a bigoted, misogynist, racist piece of shit.

        • Tony B

          you've never been to detroit have you? that shit happens all the time. I was recently sent down to one of the casinos in town for my job and you would not believe the amount of people in there on the 1st…. at 10:00am…. on a wednesday.

  • jew

    Chive wtf is up with these people

  • Biggie Smalls

    Should be called black people with too much money.

  • Mick

    PLEASE post a collection of pickups with confederate flags. Post a bunch of NASCAR pictures. Or a bunch of mobile homes from a trailer park. Or a bunch of wives with black eyes. Or a bunch of people voting for the Tea Party. Some kind of stupid white people s***. All the racism debate between the few african-american Chivers and white suburban kids living in their parent's trailer is killing me (yes, I put the apostrophe after the parent, signifying there is only one around). I'm embarassed to be called a Chiver with all this racist BS. I'm a white male, mid 30s, heterosexual, college educated, working for the government, and living in my own apartment (assumed I should establish that). Flame on.

    • nopenowaynaw

      sure you are. can't believe anything nowadays.

    • Jimmy

      I’m a white male. registered Republican, from Arizona. And I have no stupid shit to spout off like Mick. Nobody here cares if you feel guilty for being a racist (Something more common amongst demicrats than republicans/ example; Senator Byrd).

    • Jimmy

      I’m a white male. registered Republican, from Arizona. And I have no stupid shit to spout off like Mick. Nobody here cares if you feel guilty for being a racist (Something more common amongst demicrats than republicans/ example; Senator robert Byrd).

    • Jimmy

      I’m a white male. registered Republican, from Arizona. And I have no stupid shit to spout off like Mick. Nobody here cares if you feel guilty for being a racist (Something more common amongst demicrats than republicans/ example; klansman Senator Robert Byrd).

  • egnaro

    the different brands on the cars supposedly refers to a specific breed of drug that they sell, and when they drive down the street the buyers know that this is the guy that sells "trix" or whatever.

    • GuyWithCarLikeThese

      NOT factual…at all…some of these cars actually get sponsored by the brands they're plugging, its not very common, but not very rare either

      • Ving

        Hey, that’s pweofrul. Thanks for the news.

  • Andrew Connolly

    #22 It's called Bosozoku style. It originated from the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) and has slowly spread into pop culture.

  • lilb

    also known as: Pimp My Ride – best of yo'

  • Kevin

    Hey Chive since somebody here got upset about me saying it was sad that Chive was allowing all the racist crap on here you removed the post, why not remove some of these racist rants that you’re allowing from some of the clowns you let post here? Just a thought.

  • BigPoker
  • Not Mick

    To Mick, why does it have to be racist? It is as if you are assuming all of the owners of the vehicles are of the same class/demographic/economic status. Who is the racist now? I saw nothing in here that specified Race Specific. And btw, nobody has voted for the tea party. The tea party isn’t any type of elected office or anything at all. Flame Extinguished!

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    […] yo stance bruh Stupid rims on stupid cars : theCHIVE she agrees […]

  • omhhey

    Never before have I posted on a chive, but i feel this post requires my input. This post has led to blatant racist comments which should be removed. Immediately!

  • bigdeal

    everyones racist. white people arent allowed to be. every race has something funny to make fun of, but white people arent allowed to do it while everyone else can. i wonder what the people crying "racist racist" would do if approached by someone who would drive such a car? lol exactly.
    all the black people i was friends with in school hated white people and were basically taught to hate them from their family. but thats ok i guess.
    i was walking home from middle school one day and these 2 black kids were running to every white kid they came across, getting in their face, and demanding money. almost all of them were so intimidated they handed it over. (except me cause..fuck you) white people are seen as a fucking mark in the urban areas. from my own experience. so what does good home training get a white kid? intimidation from a black kid whos taught to hate them at home. and what does this cause? frustration. all black people have to do to stop racism is raise their kids to have some common fucking courtesy and a slight respect for their fellow man. its tough i know. but it IS doable.

  • josh

    Lol 27


    #3 #16 #21 #22 #23 #26 #27

  • snoobs89

    #10 pretty awesome

  • Jahon

    yo yo yo, i see #17 all the time, LITTLE ROCK!

  • Daith_Lee

    You know what chive? whether this is funny or not, you stirred the pot on this one on purpose….everyone has a like an dislike. We all have something that we personally dig but everyone else may not like. That one chick that was ugly that you dated and everyone but you knew it? Yeah…that kinda thing…to each his own on matters like this. You could have titled it different…i dunno…I'm just saying. Love you guys but you might have purposely caused this racial debate. Its only offensive in this country because of the history between whites and blacks. I do think its messed up that sometimes we as blacks are a bit sensitive to jokes. But when Jokes become injected something akin to actual hate, its no longer funny and THATS the majority of comments here. Yeah its funny, but you more or less label an entire community of people douches and let the mob feed on it. The mob won't say, oh whites drive these cars too. Nope…they'll associate that with the majority which are black people. I mean, I've seen some trucks that are so high up, it makes no sense….who are we to judge man? Just do you , love people and just be happy.

    • wowlongtyper

      go hug a CareBear and shorten up your comment. Jeez.

  • YupYupYup

    Food stamps and drug money.

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