Sittin on douche deuces (27 photos)

  • meh

    There's just no accounting for taste.

    • Kathy

      I wanted to spend a mitune to thank you for this.

  • BCsd

    Welfare checks well spent

  • medic2012

    This is part of the "Moving to the South" orientation video. Some are clean, some are ridiculous. Car culture is car culture. Oh and how's that 900 ft turning radius?

  • Capriceklasik

    I am a educated black man a geek as well I work in software development and make damn good money legally. Yes I own a DONK a 1982 Chevy Caprice classic on 24's, a stock 99 Olds Park Ave and a VIP Infinity I30 on 20's so it has nothing to do with welfare or dope dealing. I know lots of white ppl who drive donks and brothas who drive Toyota Prii(plural for Prius) and Hispanics that drive smart cars its all about what you want and like to drive, and for all the idiots that think differently you can get the nut sack! DONK RIDA FO LIFE!

    • Sven Jorgenson

      Caprice you do bring up a good point… but at the same time there is vastly more people that accept a government check that are doing this to their vehicles than people that work hard for their money. I don't think that the racist comments are out of line but in many areas the people we see driving these things are black.

  • F. Gump

    #23 is waste of time of money #27 is totally worth it.

  • wuzzman16

    #23 those would actually look pretty cool in regular size put on a nice car

  • wuzzman16

    #19 those would actually look pretty cool in regular size put on a nice car

  • Anonymous

    These are all certainly douchemobiles but I sure as shit wish I was watching Woody Woodpecker while enjoying a YooHoo and a big ass bowl of Trix right about now.

    subliminal douching?

  • dirty_sanchez

    Jeez. I wonder how many of these morons can actually afford these atrocities.

    "Daddy couldnt send child support this month because he needed to trick out his car"

  • Tony L

    I think there's only one or two cars in the post that I would even consider decent, but hey, to each his own. I sure do wish automotive parts in Canada were as cheap as they are in the States though.

  • Tyler William Beard Allen

    these are all fucking ridiculous haha

  • Daniel C. Pielichaty

    lol, get real.



  • lynyrd

    #16 is actually pretty sweet!

  • rnupetroop

    I agree most of these people are on welfare and asking for gas money to fill up there “DONKS”! What is the purpose of these vehicles, driving (oxy morons)…lifted up like a truck but its a car, huh? It just shows the bafoonery, big rims, big bling, big paint job, big boom box, big grill, big advertising and not getting money for it, so you can put gas in your “DONK”! I am educated highly through an American school and college system but first and most importantly, I am educated of self! I know everyone that drives a “DONK” isn’t on welfare and doesn’t sell drugs “nickle baggin it” but the majority rules! Waaaaaaakkkkkke Uuuuuuuup!!!!!!! I stepped on some toes with this one but a hit dog hollas. Then again it may not get to enough of our people to even matter!

  • Karah

    I recokn you are quite dead on with that.

  • F.T.p


  • xinwei

    I like this idea. I visited your website for the first time and simply been your supporter. Keep writing as I’m going to come to read it everyday!!

  • wafflze

    Im sorry but anyone who is willing to jack a classic car way the hell up and put some obnoxious looking 28' Rims on it a complete and udder dipshit!

  • craig

    found this video

  • craig

  • Critical Observer

    fine collection of 'douche-mobiles'

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