Things that Bounce Thursday (14 GIFS)

Please give this gallery a hot second to load...

  • jakubwrobel

    #8 – how are those staying in?

    • ilovethechive

      Just a few second longer and we would have had a fully yo!

      • turd ferguson

        they're not if you look closely


    #13 I've got the Jaws theme playing in my head right now…

    • Geo


      • Anon

        Natacha Amal, a french actress

  • Bhodi

    These gifs are better

  • Shawn

    god damn I love this gallery, I had a hard time getting past #2, then I saw #14 and remembered that I love her, and #15 was a lovely finish….no more work getting done today

    • ilovethechive

      Who is #14?

      • SkinnyG

        Alison Brie, currently in Community

        • ilovethechive

          Thank you sir. Just added that to my DVR list

    • Shawn

      Anyone know who #2 might be?

      • jaosn

        candace bailey

    • Biggus Diccus

      I'd fuck these girls on top of my girlfriend

  • Brian King

    Bouncy Bouncy

    PS – Paula is a bitch!!!

    • ** PAULA HATER **


  • kitabeck

    having a hard time getting past #11

    • Ian

      Is that… Is that Carrie Fisher?

    • newscot

      Who is she?

      • Brother Maynard

        Linda Blair

        • Ethan Shuster

          Nope. That's Carrie.

  • Ilya Josefson

    #4 was just waiting for the door to open in her face

    • Ilya Josefson

      Fahk, ment #15

  • boob man

    #5, #6 & #9….i have been in love with alison brie from the first time i saw her….her boobs are real and they're spectacular!!


    • boob man

      great….they changed the order on me….it should be #5, #6 & #14….especially #14….


      • boob man

        also, on a side note, what is #4 & #12 from?


        • Boob Boy

          12 is Kat Dennings in the House Bunny

        • Del

          The other is Alice Eve and Sex in the City 2

          • JBinNC

            Gay trap

  • JohnsScarf

    Know what else bounced today – my wife's checking account. Unbelievable.

  • ChiverMeTimbers

    We Need a Chivette GIF Post. Anyone know the easiest way to make one?

    • Paula_

      Sure: with Chivettes.
      You're welcome.

      – the one who will never go away

  • mja1485

    #2 Looks fun #14 I love Alison!!!

  • Fisheyes

    #9 cant stop watching

    • Sharky

      Neither can the guy in the front

      • panama99

        Security is doing a fine job!!!

  • Brian King

    Fight on Trojans!!! #10

    • 1sicGSXR

      You can't spell SUCK without USC…

      • GSXR GAYS

        Whats up dude, you cummin back to the bike club this weekend? New men joining on thursday and we need help making the hor devours. Everyone loved the last ones. Call me asap. Sorry bout here, my facebook is locked out. Im outty

  • ilovethechive

    Completely Full of WIN! Thanks Chive!! #15 FTW

    • Frank A. Alvarado

      and if anyone has the link to the full video I would be very happy….

  • RDK

    #14 perfect

  • Edward

    #3 Just a little bit higher

  • sebastianbleach

    mmmh, let's see… I'll take #2 , thanks

  • Head Chef

    #8 is too hypnotic

    • Quag

      if you like those, you should go toa weight watchers meeting. Tons of fat chicks there, and they always have a low self esteem

  • bless1

    #15- that is all.

  • Do_want

    #2 Find her! Who is she?

    • Guest

      Candace Bailey, the new AOTS host and the one who replaced Olivia…

      They coulda done better… she's a little annoying and needs some cheeseburgers…

      • anon

        Looks a little bit like she could be Shay Laren's little sister huh?

      • Hand of Fate

        I think she is more fun than Olivia actually, and I've grown to like her, though initially I wanted Carrie Keagan to be the replacement host.

        And if you ever needed someone for a "Things that bounce" post, just turn ANYTHING Carrie Keagan has ever done into a gif, lol.

    • ryecrash

      That's Candace (sp?) from AOTS on G4.

    • Blake

      True, this is the second gif I've seen of her in 2 days, and wearing the same "outfit"

    • Guest

      She is the new girl from Attack of the Show

    • AOTSSucks

      Candice Bailey > Olivia Munn. FACT.

    • Justin D.

      Candace Baily of AotS. She's grown on me.

    • getfree

      Her name is Candace Bailey.
      she co-hosts Attack of the Show on G4TV

  • wkdfrog

    Mmm, bouncy 🙂

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #8 how can she move like that with those attached? hot!

  • Dan Hewett

    As should they all

  • miliano2.0

    If there is a woman more adorable/hot/sexy then Alison Brie, then I would like to meet her. Funnier as well.

  • Hooter McBoobs

    Who is #8?

    • Critic

      I'm crazy in love with her
      Please somebody post moar

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