Which would you take: LFA or C-X75? (25 HQ Photos)

  • GRadde

    Methinks I'll have the Jag, thank you very much. ^^

  • Forrest

    I would definitely have to go with the Jag

  • Slakker_Bob

    I'd have to go with the Lexus, it just looks meaner. The Jag is just trying to look like every other super car, but with a little pecker on the roof. lol.

    • JAS

      So you're saying it keeps it's little pecker on the outside rather than the inside?

    • Steve

      What do you mean? That lexus has the front of a nissan gtr and the sides of every aston martin made in the last decade. They didn't know what to do with the back, so they chopped it off into a square and threw on some shiny bits and and a bit of chicken wire

  • travis

    jag…all day.

  • QuattroD00d.

    Quite honestly, neither. They dont appeal to me at all. I'd rather take a Corvette ZR1 or an Audi R8 V10.

    Hell, I'd rather just have a new Mustang GT.

    • Jcrans

      Wanting a Mustang GT over either of these makes this comment null and void.

      • JJb

        A Corvette is like a cactus, except the prick is on the inside!

        • do it

          you had me going until you said youd take a mustang over any of these two. thats just wrong.

    • alex

      fully – both these cars are butt. I'm test driving a GT shelby on sunday, should be fun!

  • Michael

    The Jag looks much more exotic and impressive to me.
    The Lexus is nice too, but in a bulky, Nissan GTR kind of way.

  • tugbote

    I'm hot for both actually, but if I HAD to choose (ugh. decisions…), I'd def go with the LFA. As Slakker_Bob said – it looks meaner. C-X75 is sexy as hell, but appears a slight bit more fragile.

  • joeoby78

    *FACE PALM*……. not one mention of #19……*STILL FACE PALMING*

  • Tyler

    Jag use to be ok now they are just a POS. they are nothing but a cheaply made copy of nicer cars. And that Lexus is absolutely awesome in its lightweight, super aerodynamic design. It's had 6-7 years of designing behind it and it wins by miles.

  • Spivias

    i take the LFA
    the jag look like a combo of lambo, lotus and the new Citroen
    the front look like a lotus, the overall look kinda like lambo and the reer looks like the new Citroen

  • phideauxe

    Hey – I was at the LA Auto Show last weekend too. You should have included the new Infiniti Essence Hybrid they had there. Nissan's answer to the LFA. Look it up – it's too cool. P.S. I'll take the Aston Martin One-77 over any of them.

    • andy

      One problem with the Infinity…it will not be built. The Lexus LFA spent ten years in development to make sure that everything was perfect when they started building the cars that are now on sale. The Jag is beautiful but the Lexus will be perfect.

  • Dom

    The Jag runs on Gas Turbines.
    That means it'll melt any asshole trying to ride my ass.

    I'll take the Jag

  • Jobillard

    The Lexus looks like a Mitsubishi or Mazda while the Jag looks like a Ferrari. Tough choice. As Clarkson would say I'l take the JAAAAAG.

  • http://www.heavy.com/action/2010/12/jaguar-c-x75-and-lexus-lfa-car-pictures/ Jaguar C-X75 and Lexus LFA Car Photos Gallery | Heavy.com

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  • Bdrizzle

    Jag any day over Lexus

  • Leotris

    Jag over the lexus any day, it runs on freakin jet engines the lexus is just looks if someone went down to halfords and screwed a cheap body kit to it and thought "more exhausts".

  • thejesuscodpiece

    The Lexus, hands down. I've owned a Jag, and they are absolutely beautiful pieces of shit. I've also owned a Toyota, and I had to consciously try to break the damn thing so I could rationalize buying another car.

  • alex

    going tho have to go with the LFA just looks better and more engineered to perfection jag just looks like they took a jag went in to photoshop and hit the warp button a few times.

  • Love2LiveLife

    if you go on the lexus website you can custom build your own LFA…pretty fun…made mine mountaineer blue and yellow

  • RobInKaty

    A Ferrari made by ford… love their trucks, their sports cars are bricks…

  • grrrrrr

    Ford owns Jaguar now, so that means I'll be taking the Lexus

    • tom

      Ford sold Jaguar in 2008.
      and i'll have the Jag

  • austin

    id take the jag until it broke down(couple weeks) , then id trade it in for the lexus

  • KoolyRoy

    the jag tries to look too fast.. and doesnt seem very comfy, the lexus looks sleek but still has a luxurious tone.

  • Jon D.

    LFA, much more aggressive looking.


    Jag by a mile.The Lexus is a soulless evolution of the Supra…on steroids.The Jag is just beautiful from every angle.I'm glad they "green-lit" actual production.

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