No ‘Sexy Chivers Amoung Us,’ take some girls in yoga pants as consolation (59 Photos)

As most of you know John won’t put up the SC unless he can give each submission the attention it deserves (he’s really big on that point). theCHIVE is moving offices so things are a bit hectic here currently but I’m sure he’ll bring the rain next week. Check out the last three weeks of some of the best ‘Sexy Chivers’ ever here, here, and here. And stay tuned for the Friday DAR.

“In times of crisis, we must rally around the yoga pants”
-Winston Churchill

  • CDN

    There is an all too common trend in Sexy Chivers that most of the girls don't show their faces (or just show their best asset). It may be that they are shy, or they have an unattractive face but from now on I think that the girls that make it on a Sexy Chivers post HAVE to show their face. So many of these women may very well be ugly and only showing their best assets. Like the Facebook profile picture that is the person's best angle/cropped photo of them, it's a lie. We Chivers deserve to see the whole picture. To me, just seeing an ass or breasts or face cropped out doesn't cut it and shouldn't be included in a SC post.

    And to the women, if you're so embarrassed to send a half naked pic to theChive that you don't want to show your face, don't send it.

    • Salamander Pants

      Maybe they have a job to think about to were if they show their face they could be fired. Maybe they don’t think you are worth all that. So maybe we should appreciate what they do give. I know my job would be in question if I started posting sexy pics on the internet.

    • Hexx13

      Hey CDN,
      You ever think that maybe these girls have jobs and lives, and posting compromising pictures on the internets could reflect badly on them? We’re lucky these chivettes send their pics in period, since it’s such a lie maybe you should just skip the gallery. Or stfu and enjoy the hot chicks asses kk? Thanks to all the awesome chivettes out there, see you in chivers give back 😉

  • Rick

    Sweet Jesis MOAR!!!

  • legeil

    jeezzzzz….freaking GEIL

  • Jammin

    Best Yoga pants day by far!!! Will take it any day u need a substitute!!! Almost as good as FLBP Day!!!

  • Joey Smith

    favorite post EVER!

  • Anonymous
  • Adam

    all of 'em r GOD DAMN GORGEOUS!!!


    Great job chive… real nice.. real nice indeed!

  • Mark

    How do they hold it all in?

  • hipsterbgone

    #22 thats why i attend a yoga class every now and then….

    #34 double post… hey im not hatin!

  • Harre Downey

    #21 and #41- looks really smooth too!

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #6 #7 Yoga pants are the new cheerleader shorts and less pedo-y

  • MrCreole

    Very Nice #3 #52 #28

    and #21 excellent with da boots

  • DynOmite!

    What an a$$ome post! Thanks!

  • bill

    love @ 2 yummy,yummy,lick

  • Bob

    #2…It's so adorable how she has to stand on her tip toes at the gas pump. I just want to put her in my pocket.
    #38…Porn stars are so sexy with clothes on. I love me some lil lupe
    #56…Brandy?? She's still alive?? AWESOME!!

  • Anonymous

    you would think 59 pics is enough but i need more!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Best thread evar!!

  • Mr. Woland

    Hot pants- hey hot pants uh! smokin' (james browsn)

  • Chris Biller


  • Harre Downey

    #21 and #37- I would never get tired of you!!

  • BMW

    Very nice… #4 #13 #19

  • CowboyGeek

    does anyone know who number 4 is? she's jus'about perfect. i bet she talks though. 😛 😉

  • Bdog02

    Congress needs to pass a law banning fat chicks from wearing these!

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