Naaailed it. (27 photos)

  • Sharky

    #12 The cutout on the right looks amazing

    • homeer simpsoy

      That's actually Obama, not a cutout.

      • Stevo


        • Obama Supporter


  • 4nbstd

    Chive told me to be the first one.

    • wowlongtyper

      why so many repeat pics nowadays? getting bored with 'em

    • Stevo

      And yet you disappointed chive.

  • Azrrael

    #8 damn!! f*cking scary!

    • Seriously?

      Scary doesn't cut it. That's shit inducing! The French either back out of or fuck up most things though.

    • Nick

      Photoshopped…..That never happened.

  • Anakrusix

    #28 Still counts, dammit!

    • antiskubforlife

      Yeah… for the other team. You realize that was an attempted clear, hence why he was trying to kick it backwards… I'm an American and i still get THAT much about soccer.

      • dub

        So the little round thing, that's a goal, right?

        • DaddyD

          The little round thing is a ball. The big rectangular thing with a net attached is a goal.

  • @MrChAndy

    #20 She can practise at my house anytime she wants

    • blabba two can practiCe spelling

      • truth

        If you had that girl over at your house, and suggested practiced spelling, you deserve blue balls for eternity.

        • blabba

          thats a funny directed towards his misspelling. Don't worry though, now none of your friends who saw you type that will know you're gay.

          • its_forge

            If he's in England then *you're* the one misspelling.

            • Fredrick Von bone

              FAIL…doesn't know the difference between your and you're.

  • The Bandit

    #20….why I do feel like some milk suddenly??

    • The Boris

      because you're 10 yeras old. and gay

  • Nick702

    #28 at first I was like haha fail. But then I was like, winning

  • yooo


    • Brother Maynard

      in line to lick my balls.

      • The Boris

        Nice. I love the comments after a "first"

    • VedHead77

      person to claim first after 11 comments. (and you just licked his balls)

  • da voice

    #13 not yet but i will now that shes in position!

    • equalizermax

      Ready for a surprise butt sex!

    • Steveystevesteve

      My favorite exercise… the train, it's a 4 count exercise.

  • Capitalsfan74

    #3 Ghost ride the whip!

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    #14 What the fuck is an Avatar dude doing there?

    • Jack Mehoff

      Getting his ass bucked off of a horse.

    • Billy

      Where has HUTR been?

      • HeartUnderTheRose

        I've been around. Mostly over at theBerry. I still pop up on here occasionally though.

    • Justin

      Trying to rape the horse with his lack of hair

  • misschris

    #13 Whatever it is that you're doing, you're doing it wrong.

    • top dog

      I'am aw, I'am not sure. I think shes doin it right.

    • patov40

      100% right!

    • blabba

      Thinking that she is doing it wrong is why you're single. That is the most right thing I've seen all day

  • equalizermax

    #6 – Can you hear me now!

  • Little 1

    It looks like you'd have a pretty good chance with #26. "Wow, you look just like… Can I get you some tequila?"

    • HogtownDaddy

      You obviously don't recognize her. She was way cooler before Dr. "I tell people to quit #winning" Drew got ahold of her. Mary Carey btw.

    • NoOne

      that's porn star Mary Carey. Also ran for gov. of California.

      • yourmomonchive

        i dont kno whwta part of this picture is fail? shes hot..
        all of you would do HER including chive masters..

  • Casey Jacobson

    The washing machine sitting on the counter, drinking milk? She stays in the kitchen most of the time.

    • Chiveinator

      vote 1 for comment of the week xD

      • Sick

        Vote 2

  • Dirty Dingus

    Because it's a 100+ year old house that wasn't built with a place to put a washing machine.

  • junior

    #26 the next celeb rehab alum to od ???

  • rbfn04

    I don't thin he was trying to score an own goal, sir

    • Bence Béky

      right… nevermind

  • Dirty Dingus

    Dude, spot me.

    (looks like a dude in a stupid hat, rather than a girl friend)

  • blues

    So what do you think #19 said before he had to correct it?

    • steeb2er


    • DocIcetea

      LiVe is hard, obviously.

    • Bartucx

      Live Is Hard
      Awesome grammer ftw

      • blues

        Hmm, Maybe he's a musician 🙂

  • cmonstur


    Yeah, you're going to be able to catch him as he's flying through the air. Good try though.

    • antiskubforlife

      Hey, he at least seems to be a good friend. Most people would have let him fall and laughed at him.

      • cmonstur

        I think I'd rather have my friends let me fall than try to catch me if it was pretty clear that they wouldn't be able to, because then I'd end up with the guilt of causing not only my own concussion but also one of theirs. 😛

        • therapist

          is your name Cum Monster?

          On a side note, I would like to wear you like a feedbag

          • cmonstur

            Why does everybody think that? Someone else thought it was cunt monster. It's supposed to be Chelsmonstur, old nickname. And um, I can't tell if I should say thank you or fuck you to that. Is wearing someone as a feedbag a compliment?

            • therapist

              it's a compliment if you like getting oral sex for long periods of time. Like…while you're watching tv, relaxing, showering, etc.
              In regards to your name, we (men) have sex on our minds constantly, however, I wouldn't have guessed cunt monster. The word cunt is a horribly derogatory name for something as beautiful as a yeast wallet.

              • antiskubforlife

                Don't even bother reading what this guy says. He's a sexually depraved guy who's mommy didn't love him enough so he uses the anonymity of the internet to (attempt to) make mockeries of females who remind him of his inability to speak to women.

                • therapist

                  no I'm a guy being a bit sarcastic to a girl he will never meet, well…because this is the internet. Never made a mockery of her, I'm sure she laughed at the foolishness.

                  You are a guy who is defending her honor against simple humor beacause you actually hope she will fuck you. You are whats called a "begger". A guy who always agrees, side with, or defends a woman (who usually doesn't need it) in the hope of one day getting a piece of sympathy ass. The worst of this kind is the internet knight in shining armor. If she gets offended, I'm sure she can handle herself. Beggers are why some women are successful as gold diggers…beggers have no game, no confidence and always end up paying for sex that their significant other gives freely to a different man she is physically attracted to. I bet you always say, "why is she with that guy? what does he have that I dont?" Ill tell you…a set of balls and a sense of humor. Go forth and become a man.

                  • antiskubforlife

                    Ah yes, I forgot being a man is calling a woman's nether-regions a "yeast wallet". And I totally comment on the Chive to meet girls that are thousands of miles away. My girlfriend would probably disagree with your assessment. And your argument is in no way moot when you attempt to call me a beggar multiple times but spell it "begger". Congrats, sir, you have me pegged, and the Chivery applauds you.

                    • Fredrick VonBone

                      I agree with theRapist…lulz. I found it funny, and so did my wife. She said she's gonna call her girlfriend a yeast wallet at the movies tonight. Thinks it's hilarious.

                      And I also doubt you have a girlfriend, you sound like a beggar to me, but chive on anyway mate.

                    • Logan

                      i'm gonna go ahead and guess this is therapist to. it's easy keep changing your name and go around suporting your own comments. i agree with antiscub, douches like therapist make us all look bad. it'd be one thing if his comments were clever, but they just come off as sad. he's the begger here if you ask me.

                    • Fredrick VonBone

                      Wrong mate. I've used this name here for ages. I see you're blamimng other for your tricks. I'm sure plenty will attest to seeing me here plenty times before. As for theRapist, I can't say as I've seen him around. I was just kiddin with you mate, and was quite light hearted in my response to you when you used your normal name. However, I was mistaken, you are probably a prick Mr.antiskubforlife.

                    • HardCore

                      I agree, yeast wallet is awesome. I will use that, mmmm yes.

                    • Stevo

                      Internet paladin
                      +1 to sexual frustration.
                      may summon 'imaginary girlfriend' to give aura of superiority.

                • cmonstur

                  I don't know, I wasn't really offended by anything he said because it's clearly all sarcasm/dirty humor and since 90% of my friends are male I'm pretty used to that. Maybe I'm just desensitized but I'd rather that than be some feminist ball chopper who's offended by sandwich jokes. I do appreciate that you seem to have a certain amount of class, though, because I know men like that are few and far between anymore, especially on the internet. Chive on 🙂

                  • The Boris

                    Guys who beg for it have zero class. They just pretend to. I can smell a beggar from a mile away, shit, I used to be one. And yes, that yeastwallet crap was ZOMG funny as hell. Nothing wrong with a little fun. When antiskub said "the chivery applauds you, he was speaking for himself, yet tried to sound like it was a group decision. It pisses me off when idiots do that shit.

                    • Logan

                      (therapist again, trying to make a case for himself. no one even uses the term "begger". it's kind of sad how obvious it is that he's making all of these comments).

                    • therapist

                      shut up logan. you're probably a begger too. i've been with 350 women, how many have you been with? i bet you're some pimple-faced high school kid who gets off on the chive like it's porn. chive on saggy nuts.

                    • therapist

                      I see what you did there. You seem like an angry guy. I touched a nerve I guess. Funny thing too, I didn't even give you the thumbs down on the above comment. Take a pill and relax guy, I don't want to feel responsible for you beating your dog or something out of anger for me.

                    • antiskubforlife

                      So fun-fact therapist: I was actually at dinner with my "imaginary girlfriend" for the last hour-and-a-half, so that wasn't me, though I can prove that you, the "fake" boris, and fredrick von bone are all the same person. When someone posts as the same IP address but not name on the chive app, they have the same bug-like avatar. the fake boris, fredrick vonbone, and therapist all have the same avatar. Logan and the person that impersonated you did as well, so yes, the one before this is fake. Though it is not me clearly, as a) I capitalize my responses, b) I can spell , and c) why would I spell my name wrong and the word wrong I just made fun of you for spelling wrong.

                      I'm not sure who TheBoris_ is addressing. It might be me, who he assumes is Logan, which I can assure you, I'm not. And so, to recap, anyone can prove you, therapist, as those three people, if they just look at the Chive app. Stevo, however, is not you unless you used another computer. I really don't care who thinks I am "a beggar (spelled with an "a", friends). Have a great night.

                    • TheBoris_

                      I have the chive app, and it doesn't show that way for me. It shows the names you called out as all the same except for therapist. Logan Fredrik and that little dickhead the fake boris all have the same avatar, but so do many others in the response section. Surely one guy can't be doing 15 or 20 diff names? therapist has the same as junior, Jack mehoff and bud, among others. WTH. Maybe my app aint right…or maybe it;s a crap shoot. I'm not that guy

                    • antiskubforlife

                      I have the original free one. Are they bugs you're seeing or the silhouette? On mine the only ones that have the same bug are "The Boris" (fake you), therapist, Fredrick VonBone, and blabba (who based on his answers, and the fact that he supports things the other three said, is also clearly the same guy). This guy's a bad troll. And I mean bad.

                    • TheBoris_

                      Wrong there too dickhead. The Boris is an amateur troll trying to ruin my good name of being an awesome troll. However, he is a dick who stole my name that I stole from the real TheBoris in order to drive him nuts. It's a viscious circle.

                      And yes, I read the explination of "beggar" as well. You do sound like the description, except now I would describe you as a "clock tower camping beggar"

                      Please vote me down…anything in the positive would kill me.

                    • cmonstur

                      HEY GUYS. This is stupid. I don't care who's a beggar or who's a troll or who's stealing Chive identities, and you really shouldn't either. Here, observe #20 and make yourselves all happy again.

  • July

    But he was in the same team

  • davisrj

    #27 bwahahahahaha!!!

    • sixdeadelves

      women drivers

  • disturbed

    #25 Who brings a car to a bus fight?

    • @RobTausch

      I don't see a bus. Is it behind that train?

    • zed

      It's a streetcar – in Toronto.

  • MattFoley

    #25 – is this Spadina station?

    • Guest


    • Guest


    • Guest # 3


    • G Man

      I thought down by Lakeshore and University/York? Always wondered if some tard would get lost, take the wrong lane and drive down the streetcar tracks…

    • Nathanial Hörnblowér

      spadina for sure ! making it hard for us to get to work !

    • Darling Doughnut

      Definitely Spadina Station….I always wondered if something like that would happen, kinda sad I wasn't there to witness it

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