• hotreysey

    being first is lame…

  • n1ghtstalker

    The guy speaks like Cartman!

    You will respect my Authorrraaataaaaa!!!!

    • dgd


  • James

    god dangit! man i love americans!

    • naigoto

      Me too, it's nice to have over 300m people that make idiots of themselves every day just for our amusement (:

  • skifreak727

    go to youtube and search for "drunk steve". He is hilarious.

  • Billy

    It's fake this is the third video he has done. They are all the same.

    • The_Skid


  • DistractedIndividual

    Bummer, I wonder what happened to the beer…Office party!

  • Billy

    This one is funnier.

  • BulletproofMonk

    damn nazis. always ruining the fun.

  • Rose Smedile

    God dangit – I KNOW MY RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zachinacubicle

    Mosts of the posts above this are dude's jealous cousins…

  • Jack Mehoff

    Yeah that is fake, the guy went down to easy. I'd say he is another COP.

  • Kiro


    • Dagoth Wit

      O & A PARTY ROCK!

  • chiver

    It's fake, but very funny. The guy has done several of these.…

  • Alf

    Yeah It looked fake… funny as hell though Hahahahahaha…

  • Turtle

    Pretty sure that's comedian Marc Ryan. He's been on the show Drinking Made Easy with Zane Lamprey.

    • The_Skid

      I love you.

  • Seriously?

    Yeah fake but funny. What's even funnier is the comments on his videos on You Tube. I seriously hope these people don't think this is real but it looks like it…

  • Felcus

    Was that Leo?

  • I am

    clearly fake. Dialogue sounds rehearsed and they look like cousins

  • wyattfairchild

    real or not thats funny!

  • Catalystika

    I love how he switches between "God dang it!" and "Aw, c'mon man…" effortlessly. It looks fake, but… seriously, with all the news stories we've read and the videos we've seen with people being far stupider than should be allowed… I'm not so sure.

    Once more, with feeling… "God dang it!"

    EDIT — Found him on Youtube… yep, there's a bunch of 'em, and they're all hilarious!

  • Mr_Rob


  • pete

    it is fake but this guy has some other video's all equally funny, Google Steve's drunk to see the others.

  • konaehukai

    I could watch this all day. Even if it's fake it's still hilarious.

  • bisketz

    to bad O&A is a terrible terrible radio show.

  • James


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