Those Eyes (26 Photos)

  • Sharky

    #17 Love Alexis Bledel

    • antiskubforlife

      So true that even as a Red Wings fan I can agree with you on this one. Her eyes are so awesome that they're the only thing in color in Sin City. She is definitely an underrated hottie in Hollywood (and thus why she's on my list of five celebrities I'd be allowed to cheat on my girlfriend with. While I have a better chance of being struck by lightning while being mauled by a liger and a leprechaun simultaneously, I have to keep the option open.)

  • misschris

    Lots of WOW moments. Love the piercing green on #5

    • Paula_

      Stunning!! Wow. Lost for words. FIND HERRRR!!!!!!

      – yes yes, I'll go back to trolling, promise

      • DaddyD

        Daughter of a friend of mine. Married with 3 kids (oldest around 15). A very together lady.

        • Paula_

          No way she's old enough to have kids in that age.

          – pics or it didn't happen

          • DaddyD

            Started early.

    • baz

      I'm not 100% on this but I think she's called Syda Ginger, haven't found this photo under that name though

    • amanda

      This girl is absolutely gorgeous.

  • mr_johnson

    Well Hello #15

    • Jordan

      FInd her !

    • William

      I'm probably wrong, but she kinda looks like Mila Kunis.

    • Bree1912

      She's pretty but anyone's eyes can look awesome with the amount of makeup she has on hers…

      • Kai

        Well then madam, it seems like you should submit to the chivery and back this up ^_^

  • @valorikx221

    #8 looks like she is about to get railed

    • Capt. Obvious

      Correction Just got done.

    • DementedGeek

      more like "have you put it in yet??"

    • james

      what I'm about to say is extreme, but it's true. I would cut off my dick to be with this girl.

      • DaddyD

        If you cut off your dick, you have no reason to be with this girl. Cut off a leg instead.

    • randomguy

      That's Bree Turner from her MTV "Undressed" days, I believe.

      • phideauxe

        No – a Russian model. Google "railway novel" and you can see the rest of her……

    • josh


    • its_forge


  • DistractedIndividual

    #25 Wow!

    • SlimtwigMJ

      Amen! MOAR!

      • Jay

        I agree. She is gorgeous.

  • Intensedebate1

    This is way better than that nasty girl that was posted yesterday.

  • Know-it-all

    Just imagine #8 in bed looking at you…

  • Yo Mamma

    #8 Still is and always will be the best "eyes" picture

    • Dirty Dingus

      Yes, I've always loved this photo.
      Have we FINEed HER yet?

      • antiskubforlife

        fining her seems hardly appropriate. while some may say that her beauty should be illegal, i am personally of the opinion that it should be rewarded. i realize we're in hard economic times, but can't we find someone else to pick on? how about child stars? all people with the last name "beiber" must give 89.3% of their earnings from their narcissistic movies to the state. sound fair?

        • Moose33

          Kimberly Kato or FTV Axela

  • James

    good god, they are all stupidly hot

  • yuri

    #5 is so beautiful

  • WoW

    #9 wow

  • sheoncebelieved

    #25 can see into my soul and she can read my thoughts

    • BAMFinater

      And she is disapointed with your choices.

    • zachinacubicle

      No this is the 'you really going to make me suck that?' Face.

    • Shawn

      looks like contacts to me, what do you think?

      • LAZYN8R

        Sadly, yes( I think)… I've seen that exact shade of blue in a few girls eyes who wear colored contacts. Still crazy cute though.

  • Allenavw

    #11 Love those eyes! So gorgeous. I'm seeing a severe under representation of blue eyes here…
    Also IntenseDebate is fucking me over today and I can't login.

    • Allenavw

      Or apparently I am logged in and it just claims I'm not…

  • MikeK

    #13 #19
    They do it for me…

    • Diana Santos

      #13 ana paula arosio

  • charles

    some perdy peepers

  • Intensedebate1

    Shut up Paula

    • Paula_

      Whaaaat, I hadn't even say anything yet… uhmm didn't even said… saidn't even…. OH FUCK OFF!!

      – just fuck off

      • Intensedebate1

        That was a preemptive shut up. We all know you have an opinion about everything. So I was just putting that out there.
        Have a good day

        • Paula_

          Not true; I don't have an opinion about nothing!

          – smarter than you

    • Chiveinator

      you see paula it was a TRAP!

  • sheoncebelieved

    Chive proves racist once again…not a single brown eyed girl. oh well. I'll survive

    • KyleGamgee
      • sheoncebelieved

        Awe…well played sir…..a whole post to the brown eye, thank you thank you.

        • JBinNC

          bwahahaha, I don't think this is the site to look for posts to the "brown eye".

    • meh

      What color would you call #11's eyes, then?

    • meh

      Also, I believe Jessica Alba (#8) has brown eyes.

      • Wayne

        Funny, I didn't know Jessica Alba was Asian.

    • Paula_

      Obvious troll is way too obvious. Better luck next time.

      – I put on my robe and KKK hat…

  • Dunny_

    #21 always stunning…. #16 has a gorgeous set of eyes.

    • matt

      "without a stitch of makeup" – bollocks. I see coloured cheeks and a fair bit of eye makeup. Subtle, yes, but definitely not sans makeup.

  • LPC

    #12 trying to hard

    • LPC


    • Ben Muirhead

      Herp Derp

    • ThatGuy

      And too young by the looks of it.

    • Carmine

      how do you 'try too hard' in an eye post? contacts?!?!

  • KyleGamgee

    Maybe we can try to play "Spot the Contacts? Here are my guesses:

    #10 #13 #15 #19 #24 and finally, (inspired by) #25

    • KyleGamgee


      • de ja vu

        #24 nice lip bite

  • Jimbo

    #6 and #8 MOAR. Sofaking hot.

  • BMW

    Im hipnotized #1 #8

  • orangewhip

    chive, these eyes are all damn hott – but no big brown eyes…? unfortunate.

  • SWG Fan

    #2 #13 #21

    I could stare into them all day. Beautiful.

  • Link

    any chick with blue or green eyes can give off this illusion but when a girl has dark brown eyes and can still pull you in…now thats worthy of recognition

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