Cat Saturday (26 Photos)

  • Fionn

    Why does it say be the first one, and then if you celebrate being first you get thumbed down? It seems like your kinda setting us up here chive…not cool guys, not cool…but it's ok because cats are class 😀

    • DaddyD

      You only get thumbed down when you make a comment related to being first. Make an intelligent comment, and you will be lauded.

      • bigdeal

        lauded indeed.

    • @Z_Triple_T

      basically what ^he said. mention being first, get shunned from Chiver society.

    • FionnR

      Is that how it works? At least I know now…thank you…

      • ryan

        the damage has already been done…

        • FionnR

          I'm sorry 😦

  • Moweed Alin

    #10 McPuss?

    • Paula_


  • Beevatron

    I want one of those hugs! #26

  • Brian Khan

    i love pussy…….. and vagina aint bad either

    • ryan

      ^^^^ virgin

    • brian loves cock

      he definitely loves the cock

  • mylismo

    #7 and #26
    After trying really hard I just couldn't resist any more…AWWWW!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #15 #24 her pussy is looking at me

  • Paula_

    Awwww….. cats! Just look how cute they are. Don't you just melt and want to get one if you see that cute little scoundrel in #2? I ❤ cats.

    – the one you love to hate

    • Mac the Intern

      Did someone hack Paula's account?

      • Tofu_Ninja

        Hopefully next they hack her… face

      • EdWood

        Everyone did.
        Call it Caturday.
        Or die by fire.

        • Jason Ciotti

          The entire point of not calling it Caturday is because it's too obvious to call it that. Everyone knows it's Caturday without calling it that.

      • @erinwillett

        oh, I thought you were paula

        • Paula_

          No that's Bob. Or was it Mac after all? This is very confusing.

          someone with an identity crisis

    • annoyed OG chiver

      Paula is kinda like a lamer version of HHNF that showed up about 2 years late to the party.
      …just sayin :@

      • Paula_

        Owwww, you're wrong there. I've been Chiving long before I joined the discussions.

        – I'm so old I had a dodo as a pet

      • bigdeal

        i actually quit coming to this site for awhile bc of that dumbass. soo fucking irritating..

    • Tyler Z. Smithfield

      Is it possible? Paula done trolling?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

      No, wait, I see what she did there, she's trying to make us hate cats by liking cats, very clever. Whales may be smart, but you will never outsmart me. (In case you didn't get that one; you're a whale, a fat ugly whale, not the kind that every one loves the kind with all the barnacles on its fat ugly face.)

      Tyler Z. Smithfield
      -Head of the board of Narnian affairs.

    • amrith777

      Ok Pod Person–what have you done with Paula?Since when do you like cats?I love them–I think they're cool and adorable,but since when do you concur with that opinion?

  • The Bandit

    #22 #23 ….soon…came one pic too soon…

  • stoner

    Are we still going to demand that this be called Caturday or just let go

    • Jon

      Maybe they like the rhyme of "Cat Saturday" more than the portmanteau of "Caturday". I kind of do, so I vote just let it go.

      • ros

        "Caturday" hands down.

  • LaLakers2408

    Where is the douchebag that gets all anal about this post being called caturday?

    • Lance

      He went back to 4chan to watch child porn

  • Tofu_Ninja

    I guess while we are on the subject of cats – #24 looks like a pretty decent gap.

  • Lemmy the Pirate

    GDI, I do love cats. You broke me, Chive. You broke me.

  • E.T

    I'm embarrassed to say this, but how does one quote a picture into his/her comment? :/


    • TheRealSnowman

      #picnumber will show the pic
      Like this: #26

  • tydred

    #23 just back from his ninja lessons

  • junker

    #24 Find her!

  • EdWood

    If you don't start calling it Caturday.
    You will be fed to #5.

  • iambigd42


    Snoop Kitty Kat?

    • Mark Rea

      Its hipster cat…. but you wouldn't know anything about that

  • MacNCheesePro

    Where is the dog gallery? Is #23 an indication of something new?

    • ThatGuy


  • Bollyver


  • McClane

    #9 "Who u lookin' at foo'??

  • McClane

    #17 "I'm wolverine bitch!!"

  • Amelia

    #26 ~ Aww cuddles xoxo

  • konaehukai

    #23. Behind you!

  • cbrooks11

    #24 lucky little kitty.

  • Lexxxy

    what ever happened to Bella?
    I thought you were dog people?!
    bring Bella back!!!

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