Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (24 Photos)

  • pen_lemon

    precocious, all of you……¬¬

  • Chris

    #17, why is she so sad? That mystery makes this photo a winner.

    • Cash

      This article achieved eacxtly what I wanted it to achieve.

  • the real deal

    please for the love of god find #13

  • alexri

    Soooooo #3 I think the word I'm looking for is awesome.

  • Zach d

    #12, #13, #17, and #24 take the cake. i wanna be where they are!

  • Anonymous

    #24 wins the menz. Want my future wife to dress like that every single warm day.

  • Chiveinator

    #5 His gaze went again to her unruly locks, which at first glance he had thought to be red. Now he saw that they were neither red nor yellow but a glorious compound of both colors. He gazed spell-bound. Her hair was like elfin-gold; the sun struck it so dazzlingly that he could scarcely bear to look upon it. Her eyes were likewise neither wholly blue nor wholly grey, but of shifting colors and dancing lights and clouds of colors he could not define. Her full red lips smiled, and from her slender feet to the blinding crown of her billowy hair, her ivory body was as perfect as the dream of a god.


  • Backward Genius


    is niiiicce

  • jak dk


    Just thought i would add just in case you guys at the chive had a find her request for list lovely lady (she covers eyes, sexy ginger and FLBB).

    her name is Rachel Hurd-wood. Used to be a friend from university.

    I wasnt a particularly good friend as it turns out she has done some acting (not the 'bad' kind) and was in a couple films and i didnt even realise.

    a well Google will fill in the rest for you.

    Chive On!

    • ghost chiver

      more like rachel Hard-Wood 😛
      am I right fellas !

  • Vij

    #6 truly in the middle of nowhere with little to wear but for me it is #17

  • awoww

    #13 I love her gap!

    • Artie

      A mliloin thanks for posting this information.

  • aussiedude69

    #1 #3 and #12 for me

  • Bodhi

    #14 Please Find Her chive! i know it will be hard but she looks amazing!! her body and her hair!!! Perfection!! I want more to look at and ill be in a metatative state! 😀

  • J.T.

    Holy crap #16 is amazing.

  • Alll

    I want to join them in the middle of nowhere 😀

  • BMW


  • echogeo

    First Girl: "So you think he'll be alright if I join the two of you in bed?"
    Second Girl: "I think so. I thought about asking him, but I really want it to be a surprise."

  • Drewski

    Bacardi & cola, do it.

  • lemurfart

    #13 THANK YOU!

  • boob man

    #3 could easily be included in a FLBP post….she looks stacked….


  • Ricardo

    #22 Watch out!

  • Skedaddle

    Chive- find #8. Now. She’s seriously beautiful.

  • bigAL

    FIND #5 NOW!!!!

  • themouthfromthesouth

    #6 I'd walk 40 days and 40 nights for that…
    #12 Sexiest thing I have ever seen

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