• Cristi_P

    Uhh… photo of naked chick with link to website… website full of baby pictures :/

  • MaxPC

    I feel like I have been trolled…

  • believeinJHA

    average boobies are average boobies

  • R-Dub

    What a letdown.

  • Kodos

    Any breasts are good breasts…

  • usmcc

    Well that was a slap in the face… This is no way to start a morning

  • duh

    well that's just outstanding

  • Derp

    It's about damn time you guys do this, talk about giant teases.

  • Jimi D.

    This was beneath You in terms of boredom !! Stay thirsty my friends……

  • KyleRetrato

    *Sees boobies* Sweeeet… *Goes to link*

    "Healthy chicken dinner in under 30 minutes!"


  • Kasper

    Why is this post dated June 5th and we're just seeing it? Damn you Chive!!

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