Behind the scenes Sunday (30 Photos)

  • cmonstur


    I watched this movie like 50 times when I was little, and the velociraptor scene still got me every time.

  • youknowitstrue

    #9 Love this one.

  • patov40

    #19, #20, #21, man, Kim Novak, The Wild Bunch, and Marilyn back to back to back! Epic post Chive. Might be showing my age, but Kim especially, SOOOOO HOT!

    • patov40

      Oops, that's the princess in #19. My bad! Saw Stewart and Hitchcock and immediately thought of Kim Novak. Both HOT though!

      • Ken

        One of films greatest ever entrances: With absolutely no score, Grace Keely emerges from the shadows and approaches the camera for a extreme close-up. Masterful!

  • workitgirl

    "Well you only have to believe if you wish to achieve Kevin. That rhymed. Unintentional."

  • Truth.Inc


    Troll Landover Baptist Church.

  • throw me in the fire

    #23 is possibly the stupidest poster I've seen. There is funny, and then theres that.

    • 123

      It's antifunny. Happens all the time on teh interwebs

    • Train2K

      Haters gonna hate….

  • Alejandro Loret

    #11 whats the name of the movie?

    • Randolph

      is this Eyes Wide Shut?

      • amrith777

        It's Moulin Rouge (sp)

  • Todd S.

    Hey Chive..!!!!! It would be nice if you titled these photos so we know what were looking at.I mean we know some,but alot iam sure people dont.And it would be nice to know,ya know.Love the site thow.Thats about your only flaw.That and no Betty Page gallery in HD…..Or whatever its called.Or Sherri Moon.

  • BruceG

    What is #14 from?

  • anon

    #8 awkward boner….

  • Hanta

    Hah number 23 is from my friend's website.


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  • brian


    Ok……who's holding?

    Mark? Nah.

    Harrison? Yea. Give it up. Give me the bag right now.

  • pyrocyz

    They've only been hyping this movie for 3 years…


  • konaehukai

    #7. Chewie, I think that we lost the Falcon.

  • Ian

    I can't be the only one who thought #11 was a bad movie.

    • Ken

      Moulin Rouge is a movie most people hated, it seems. I thought it was weird but well done, and I usually loathe movie musicals.

  • V4Vendetta14

    #3, You've got a bit of red on you…

  • Ken

    #25 Is that Sophia Coppola pushing Scarlett Johanson around (from "Lost in Translation")

  • Mido

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