A few brilliant movie murals by Justin Reed (20 HQ Photos)

Ok, so they’re actually paintings, not murals. The concept artist Justin Reed has set out to accomplish is to paint artistic renderings of famous movie scenes that can be turned into posters for the public. For more of his art go HERE.

  • Kaars

    #2… WANT

  • Adam

    I own #2 it's up on my wall

    #11 is awesome.

    #8 TRAINSPOTTING the scene with baby crawling on the ceiling still one of the freakiest scenes ever.

  • Vagina Jones

    "I'm a smoooth pimp who loooves the pussy, an tubby here is my black man servant, WHAT?"

  • Scott

    English motherfucker do you speak it.

    • asdf


      • Caca

        Say "what" again! Say "what" again! I dare you! I double-dare you, motherfucker! Say "what" one more goddamn time!

        • walkingtheriver


          • León Felipe


  • BAMFinater

    They all look great, but not my cup of tea.

  • http://twitter.com/PINKBERRYholdup @PINKBERRYholdup

    Daniel day-lewis + moustache = raw awesomeness
    I mean how great was he, as bill the butcher?

  • Sammy

    What movie is the last one

    • andy

      Last one is there will be blood

  • brian


    Chris Reeves – the only and only Superman. The rest are just cape fillers.

  • Justin

    Better painter than you'll ever be

  • Dex

    Anyone know where you can buy the posters of these paintings??
    I REALLLLLLYYY wanna own a few…. dozen.

  • Trez

    Bad troll. No biscuit

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521541108 cmonstur

    #2 and #16, awesome movies.

  • iamgundam

    All movies scored by John Williams.

  • Choctaw red

    Real talk…great post!

  • Ryan


  • fede

    can someone tell me the title of the movie at #10 ? thanks

    • Captain Obvious

      American Psycho. Duh! 😉


  • me2

    #13 totally underrated movie

  • tastearbiter

    This is seriously underwelming .Who is this guy? ,some 14 year old with an art assignment?

  • scoops

    #5 want! Where can you buy these?

  • McBeastie

    These are great to look at while eating an overpriced, overcooked hamburger in a Planet Hollywood…other than that…meh.

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