Coober Pedy is an Australian land down under, indeed (26 Photos)

The small Australian town of Coober Pedy (population about 2,000) is almost completely underground due to its severe desert climate. The locals live in caves excavated out of the rocky hillsides. Looks like a dream except for the everything.

  • Megan Campbell

    once, when my parents decided we should go on a cultural journey through the centre of australia (nothin' but sand), i stayed in one of these holes. it smelled like dirt, but it was nice and cool.

  • Freay196

    The real reason they dig is you don't have to pay for a house extension but you do for a mining license and any opals you find while digging the extra room you get to keep.

  • John Cowart

    Once, years ago, I helped a family move into a cave like these–it was in the side of a mountain just northwest of Atlanta.

    Photo number 11 shows a great book store! I wonder if you can buy my books there?

    John Cowart

  • Amelia From Sydney

    Ive been there numerous times. I LOVE the underground hotel. It's very cool inside!

  • Chiefs420

    Coober Pedy – It's Australian for WTF

  • bill

    amazingly awesome

  • ant

    It reminds me of that dude and his kid from mad max beyond thunderdome

  • Yessir

    Why not just move?

  • mattythegooch


  • gwar

    #10, #20 They must not have a TV store anywhere close. Those TVs belong in a museum!

  • northerner

    I think it's a great concept. I'd live there or in a similar dwelling here in CO. The wind would have no effect on you. You'd have to look out a window to see if something was blowing by to know there was any wind. The heating/cooling costs would be minimal. A house as solid as a rock. I'd take one in a New York Minute. Just face it so you'd get the winter sun in your windows for solar heating. Nice.

  • Mat


    • Noodle

      Oi Oi Oi


  • Plex

    its a shit hole, and its full of south australians. western australia is waaaaay better

  • Matias

    Oh man Coober pedy, we drove through there going from Darwin to Adelaide as kids, so damn hot, the people are crazy and when we stopped to buy and ice cream they were all out, across several shops Mum couldnt get us icecreams, came back to the car and a drunken dude had crawled under and half passed out. After mum trying to get him out and being abused his missus came a dragged him away, this is about 10.30am. We left that desolate place and now our family says Coober Pedy in the same way Seinfield says 'Newman!'

    • katie from radelaide

      Loving all these little stories

  • Apex027

    in the words of ben folds

    " we can be happy underground"

  • Bob

    I would love to live here. This is MIRACULOUS!!

  • copperbum

    ehh so ignorant…

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