• oliver

    You guys are really struggling today.

  • Elbie

    What about a way more obvious but less House-esque answer: he's just fuckin dumb!

    • House

      It's lupus.

  • TheGo101

    Great prank!! Funny stuff… To all Douches yes YOU!! Complaining about this being staged, who cares!!! Thanks Chive for getting through my workday.

  • Htisss

    I am guessing autistic…if that is the case it is just cruel.

  • http://www.hotbodybattles.com hotbodybattles.com

    I totally just laughed out loud… my wife is in the bathroom asking me what the F is wrong with me… staged or not.. that's some funny shit!

  • jroyy

    Indeed 🙂

  • txdaddy 31

    dude, i think i peed my pants laughin so hard

  • Jay

    Is that jake gyllenhaal?

  • Da Sandman

    VERY old prank

  • http://www.muebles.co.cr/ Muebles

    Hahahahahaa for me is very very funny!!!!

  • http://dirtyhotproductions.com walter

    dude! that is pretty funny!

  • Big Daddy Greg

    Who the hell showers in boxer shorts?

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