There’s only one proven way to start the week off right: FLBP (35 Photos)

  • Mixa

    #1 close to duck face

    • Glitched

      acceptable duck face (only exception to the rule)

  • Anjin-San

    Pringles duck-face… LOL

    • Peter Rios

      Approved over real duck face anytime.

    • CalculatedRisk

      FLBP: Once you pop, you can't stop.

  • hater.

    #35. olde but goodie

    • chibbi_kitsune

      Who is this beautiful woman?

  • Paula_

    Oh dear oh dear what a load of lovely ladies again today. You're spoiling us Chive!

    #34 is stunning, but Summer Glau FTW!

    – the one you love to hate

    • gefundigeliebe

      Was Summer here? Didn't see her. She FLBP material?

      • bigmikeskinsfan

        dont you know trolls are blind?

    • theederv

      fuck off paula

  • Rion

    Niiiiiice. FYI #13 is Aria Giovanni

    • This Is Me

      Don't we need to have a FLBP: Handbra Day edition?

    • BobbaFett

      I love Aria.

    • hello

      kinda looks like angelina valentine too

  • chris

    Who on gods green earth is #27?

    • I am

      sabrina maree.
      you're welcome

      • Rukus

        No its not. The girl is most commonly found by the name Mulani Rivera.

    • ranD

      anyone else notice that she sorta resembled Jessica Alba?

    • davi311b

      I know her well she has many quality photo shoots google is your friend but be warned mulani rivera is partially a pornstar but more a nude model

  • bob

    i need something to rest my head on

  • JDubs

    #20 Fantastic

    • Anon

      she's amazing

    • Zebulon

      Does she have a tripod in the background?

      • Rubberbandman

        IDK, but I got a tripod going

    • the dude

      MOAR MOAR MOAR!! she is out of this world hott!

    • Buford_Justice

      juuuuust abit lower

  • Bizarrobear

    #7 seems to defy the law of gravity. (Although I never did study law. Beep! Beep!)

    • ThatGuy

      Well scientists today are general able to counteract the effects of said law in this particular area with the help of new technologies like the Breast Raising Apparatus or "BRA" which can be seen clearly in figure 7 wrapped around the subjects chest.

      Science is amazing.

    • .......

      I may be wrong but she might be Francoise Boufhal

      • C.J

        you are correct

    • northerner

      Stunningly gorgeous girl. But her tits are too big. Amazing she can stand up straight!

  • AtoZ

    Damn #9 is so damn hot… i love the way she show her armpit..

    • Surf and Snow

      Real non-photoshopped girls FTW!

  • oorah

    #2 #7 dear god. just fantastic.

    • M.C.

      Looks like number 2 is already suffering

  • ChimoSteve

    #22 Cute smile
    #35 Those eyes are to die for!

    • Unkoil

      #22 name is "Elay" pronounced "L-A" You can find her on myfreecams

  • Anakrusix

    No no no. My week doesn't start until Wednesday. Now THAT is an awesome way to start a week.

  • gefundigeliebe

    #36 gives me a little heart attack every time I see those pics. And that's fine.

    • V.A.

      Ashley Ann Vickers, I believe. Gives me avery different kind of stroke, one that I'm fine with too.

  • Jason Dean

    #37 – YES! YES!

    • whosmike

      Winona Ryder? I'd still hit it

      • echogeo

        Yeah, with a stick.

      • ilovethechive

        or a bag of nickels

  • TJ73

    I don't care if they are repeats, I don't care what their porn name is and I'm not thanking you nerd!

    • Awesomeness

      Nerd rage?

  • DweebsterDeluxe

    Good lawdd..makes me overlook the douchette phone case

    • Chiveroni

      I can't quite overlook the aptly named phone case or the narcissistic look on her face.

    • Roberto


  • ThatGuy


    Step 3: Have her open the box…

  • whos'it

    sabrina maree ftw

  • I am

    #27 sabrina maree ftw

    • Rukus

      Mulani Rivera

      • bob

        not mulani. close but no cigar

  • Taylor Murphy

    well played chive… well played…

  • Nick


    • V.A.

      Google 'Ashley Ann Vickers'. She had a page dedicated to her right here a while back too.

  • Patrick

    #7 is Francoise Boufhal in case anybody was curious. =)

  • Ben

    #22 who has this full video? Anyone?

    • Paula_

      You can view or download it here, NSFW obviously:

      – the one you love to hate

    • Stevie

      Her name is Elay Smith, I don't have the vid, but she has plenty….

  • Swarley

    #7 #8 #16 #20 #27
    FTW! Chive, F T W !

    • Henrik

      #16 Is Kelly Andrews.

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