Abnormally large photos are abnormally awesome (20 HQ Photos)

  • FuckdaPolice

    any meteorologists like to explain this?

  • E.V.L.

    #14 Total fail on the terrain reflection. Look at the rising shoreline in the reflection that does not match what the actual shoreline (left side).

  • anonymous

    #18… Still there no matter what

  • Marius

    Everyone is missing the point with #7! 😦 It shows Princess Diana as 1> Still being a part of the royal family, which she was not after her divorce and 2> That she became queen! 😦 Neither of which she could accomplish because she was dead! :((

    • Picard_

      Learn to Learn! #7 is a screenshot from Back to the Future III, which was made in 1990. 5 years before her divorce from the Prince and 7 years before she passed.

      • JROC

        sorry picard its from bttf2 your dumb i took the screen shot

  • phideauxe

    #11 the most disturbing part of this is the bulge in Ronald's pants…….

  • mikey

    She was married to Charles, he became King; therefore she would be Queen. the headline states Queen Diana….she could be on her own State visit while the King was busy…easy to understand, once you do the research

  • Sankev

    #18 Made LOL for almost 15min..! This one is the best of the week for me… Thank you to whoever created it. ;o)

  • Underhill

    #16 Maurice Sendak ??

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